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About Shopify Apps

Shopify has emerged as a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows people to sell online by providing everything they need to create a great online store. It was launched in June 2006, and in the past 9 years it has become one of the most popular and widely used ecommerce platforms, because of regular feature updates, quality customer support and tonnes of great themes. The most amazing thing about Shopify is that it can be integrated with different apps to improve its functionality.

When setting up your ecommerce store your primary objective is to optimise it to your business objectives. Considering this, Shopify offers a collection of apps or plugins in its app store. These apps enhance the store’s functionality and automate the processes to help your business grow. Shopify’s apps store offers 500 different apps to choose from. To help you choose some of the best from the lot, we did some research and made a list for you. These are the best Shopify apps that that are used by some of the most successful stores, are easy to use and provide great support.

Store Locator (Free – $59.99)

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Many customers visit the website not to make a purchase but to find the nearest physical store that they can visit to buy a particular product. To ensure that all such customers are able to find the nearest store you can use this amazing app called Store Locator. It works just like Google maps, and you can pin different store locations to the map so that customers can easily locate a store.
You can even add driver instructions and search filters to make it even more user-friendly. This app enjoys good customer reviews and you don’t need to pay anything to use this app. However, if you have a large network of physical stores then you would need to pay for the app, and the price you pay depends on the number of stores you intend to pin on the map.

Chimpified (Free)




If you have heard of Mailchimp, the popular email management software, then you would certainly find Chimpified familiar. It integrates your Shopify store with your Mailchimp account and allows you to target email campaigns to your customers. Actually, Chimpified does much more than just enabling you to send emails to customers, it asks customers to sign up to the emailing list and also automatically syncs the contacts to the Mailchimp account. It also enables you to create that perfect email for your customers with all the templates and segment targeting. Using targeted emails, you can achieve a variety of benefits such as announcing promotional campaigns and encouraging customers to share reviews.

Product Upsell ($9.99 – $59.99 / month)

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There are various marketing strategies that a business owner can employ to increase the order value. Up selling and cross selling are two such strategies. Up selling is when you recommend an upgraded and more expensive version of the product that customer has chosen to buy, and cross selling is recommending other products that the customer may want to buy in addition to the product that they have already selected for purchase

With Product Upsell, you can up sell and cross sell with ease. Product Upsell is an app that slows you to configure the products that you want to advertise in relation to other products that they have shortlisted for purchase. You can use Product Upsell to promote discounts such as buy one get one

Price starts at $9.99 a month, but a 30 day trial is also available and the app developer claims that in the 30 day trial businesses can make enough money to cover the cost of this app for a full year.

Back in Stock ($19-$59)



How many times have you visited an online store just to find that the product that you like is out of stock? If you don’t want your customer to feel the same inconvenience, then Back in Stock is a must have app for your Shopify store. It lets the customers sign up for an email that alerts them once the item they want to order is back in stock.
The moment the product is back in stock, the customers receive an alert email with a Buy button. This not just keeps your customers happy and satisfied and increases your sales, but also leaves a good impression about the store.

It also tells the store owners about the items their customers want to buy and the items that are most in demand. The Back in Stock dashboard is easy to use and you can generate daily and weekly reports on the items that are in demand and the quantities you need to order.

Plug in SEO (Free)



Even after you have set up a great store and stocked up on some amazing items, you may find it difficult to get a regular stream of organic customers. This is where Search Engine Optimisation can be of great help. However, for a store owner with no knowledge of SEO it can become very difficult.

With Plug in SEO you can take benefit of SEO to get customers for your Shopify store. The app tells you what you need to change in store, and the recommendations are tailored for your store.
This app helps identify problems that are worth spending time and money on. It is easy to use and you can simply install the app and it will automatically and regularly check and give you instant recommendations.

S Loyalty ($19.99 – $99.99 / month)



Loyalty programs are the best way to generate customer loyalty. A simple incentive such as a discount on repeat purchase can go a long way in promoting sales. For creating loyalty programs for your Shopify store, we recommend S Loyalty.

It is an app that lets you create a loyalty program wherein the customer gets rewarded for making a repeat purchase using discount codes. In addition to rewarding customers for making repeat purchases, S Loalty also helps you set up rewards for customers who follow your online store. There are various ways in which S Loyalty helps you reward your customers. You can offer rewards in the form of coupons, vouchers, free gifts and discounts. The admin panel is easy to use and you can easily manage the loyalty programs and measure their performance.

The packages start at $9.99 and they offer a 14 day trial as well.

Social Login (Free – $9.00 / month)



Social Login is a Shopify app that lets you gather customer information without troubling them with a lengthy login process. If you force the customer to register and fill in their details before they make a purchase, you can end up annoying them, and they may choose another store where checkout is quick and hassle free. To overcome this problem, you can simply ask the customers to login using their social media accounts. Social Login lets you do just that.

It gives business owners access to permission based data such as names and email ids of customers. Armed with this information, merchants can offer a more personalised shopping experience to customer and it can lead to better conversion rates. Social Login is compatible with a variety of social media services such as Facebook Login, Google+ Login, Instagram, Yahoo! Login, LinkedIn Login, Twitter Login, Amazon, QQ, Microsoft Live Login, and Weibo.

Social Login is priced at $9 a month, which makes it pretty affordable even to small businesses and start-ups. They offer a 7 day trial as well.

Vantage (Free)



Measuring the performance of your online store is a crucial step that can help you identify problems well in time and enable you to plan corrective action. Vantage is a dashboard that helps you monitor the performance of your store. It helps build and optimize email and Facebook campaigns for you.

It includes metrics such as top selling products, year to date revenue, gender breakdown, and much more. It automatically identifies opportunities and help increase profits. It automatically performs analysis and saves merchants over 40 work hours every months.

Vantage offers a variety of benefits to online merchants including: enabling more data driven action, leaving them with more time to focus on running their business, increased revenue. However, to make the best of Vantage, you should have a minimum of 500 orders.

Olark live chat + CartSaver ($0-243)



With Olark live chat you can directly talk to your customers while they browse your online store. It helps you make more money as you can communicate better with your customers, and intervene before they abandon the carts. You can enhance their shopping experience through personalised one on one communication. You can solve their queries instantly helping them make a better purchase decision. It lets you provide better customer support. This app is extremely easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with both CRMS and web authoring tools.

According to the developer, the customers are 3 times more likely to return to the online store when you leave a great impression using the CartSaver. It is the tool that gives real time cart balances and critical information about customers instantly. You will find Olark on the Shopify homepage as well.

It lets you watch who is shopping at your store, and allows you to chat from anywhere. You can get the entire team to communicate with the customers, solving their queries, upselling, cross selling and turning them into loyal customers. It slows complete customisation including colors, themes, CSS and languages.




Customer reviews are a powerful tool that helps build trust and promote your business. With verified reviews you can boost the confidence of your customers and help them decide whether or not they should purchase your product.

Yopto is a Shopify app that lets you automatically send review request mails to customers and allow them to leave a review from their email inbox. These verified reviews help het highly qualified traffic and generate more sales. Close to 100,000 Shopify stores use Yopto to generate verified reviews.

This app sends an email to the client at a carefully calculated time after the purchase email is sent so as to ensure that the customer gets the mail when he/she is most likely to leave a review. The customers can leave a review in the email body only.

You can display the reviews on the product pages or at any other page on the site using the Yopto’s fully customisable widgets. It turns visitors into paying customers. The app is optimised for mobile, which means, customers can leave a review even through their mobile devices. The best part is that the app is absolutely free.

Live Web Insights ( Free)


For an online store to be successful, it is extremely important to make continual improvements in order to provide a great shopping experience to the customers. To achieve this, it is important to learn more about the customers and understand their habits and the way they interact with your ecommerce website. A simple way to achieve this is using Live Web Insights, which is an analytical app for Shopify.

It allows you to track your site’s visitors in real time. With Live Web Insights you can see who is browsing your site, the pages they are viewing and the products they are purchasing. It also tells you the pages on your site where the visitors are dropping off giving you the ability to improve upon pages that are affecting conversion rates. It helps make improvements that can improve user experience considerably.

These are just few of the popular apps available for Shopify, and there are others as well that are really great in terms of the functionality they add to the store and the way they enhance user experience. The 11 Shopify apps that we have reviewed are a must-have in order to get the performance from your Shopify stores.