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More than three million people have already made Buffer a part of their social media efforts. That's because it gives users the opportunity to schedule their posts to be published at the optimum time. This means that your audience stands a better chance of actually seeing your great content as well as engaging with it in a meaningful way. You'll expand your social media presence and be able to establish yourself as an authority in your field with just a few minutes of work every week.

Buffer is especially powerful because it works with several of the most popular social media platforms. Users have the option of posting certain content to just one or two social media channels or to all of them at once. Identical posts can be made to each platform, but it's also possible to customize the message that gets uploaded to each one to give it further context.

One of the reasons that users love Buffer is its multimedia capabilities. You're not restricted to text with this service. Feel free to post photos and videos. With the functionality of Pablo included, it's even possible for users to create their own unique images. Studies have shown that social media posts that include a visual element receive a markedly more positive response from audience members. Thanks to Buffer's versatility, you'll be able to capitalize on this.

The Internet is a very big place, and you never know when you'll come across a really exceptional article, blog post or image. Buffer lets you take advantage of this unpredictability by including mobile apps and browser extensions. Whether you're surfing on your laptop or using a smartphone, you'll be able to quickly and efficiently add content to your Buffer queue to be shared later with your audience.

Buffer also includes functionality that enables users to create unique and memorable content. Users can design an image that is perfectly sized for use on the social media platform of their choice. With the ability to choose from a variety of typographies and font sizes, it's easy to customize an image that has tremendous visual impact using only the Buffer dashboard.

Buffer is compatible with several of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram are all available. This is the kind of versatility and variety that makes it possible for entrepreneurs and marketers to reach a massive audience with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Think of Buffer as essentially a scheduling tool. You can upload tons of content, and then create a unique schedule that dictates when and where each post will be published. Buffer sends out everything automatically based on the schedule the user specifies without the user having to do anything more. Accordingly, it's possible to have active social media feeds across a range of platforms even when the owner of the content is busy doing other things. Analytics are also available, which means that users can determine which of their posts are getting a great response and which ones don't seem to have hit the mark. This makes it possible for Buffer users to fine tune their social media posts to ensure that they get the most attention and the best response.

The Buffer Browser Extension is one of the company's most popular tools. It's designed to permit users to share content as easily and efficiently as possible. Currently, Buffer has browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It's easy to install and just as easy to use. When you come across an article or blog post that you think your audience would love, just locate the Buffer icon in your browser menu. Click it, and the Composer opens up immediately. Users can select the social media profiles to which they'd like to share the content. The extension goes to work, grabbing the link and the page title, which are then added to your queue. You don't even have to go back to the Buffer dashboard to get the job done.

Buffer can even help you figure out what time each of your posts should be distributed. The Optimal Timing Tool analyzes the last 5,000 interactions for that particular social media profile. The tool is looking for clicks, likes, favorites and other actions as well as when they occurred. Based on this history, the tool will make recommendations about when posts should be made to that profile. Most users refer to the Optimal Timing Tool on a continuing basis to see if the tool is recommending a different time based on updated analytics.

Speaking of analytics, business owners and marketing people will likely be pleased with what Buffer provides. Currently, only the "Business" level members have access to certain analytics. For posts, users can see data like the number of clicks, retweets and comments. Posts can also be sorted by popularity and type. Downloading the analytics to a CSV file is a great way to share and review the data. The analysis area is where "Business" members can find a customizable chart that can be used to track their data over any time period they define. Businesses that rely on Twitter will appreciate the ability to find "influencers" among their followers. These are the people who are most likely to share the business' content. Once again, this data can be downloaded.

Members who are on the smaller individual membership have limited access to analytics. They can see things like the number of clicks, retweets and likes on any posts for the last 30 days. The sorting and exporting report functionalities, along with the "Analysis" and "Influencer" capabilities, are not included in these memberships.

Buffer provides customers with several different membership levels. Choosing which one is right for your operation involves questions such as how many social media profiles you'd like to connect and what kind of analytics you require.

The "Individual" and "Awesome" plans are most often chosen by people who have a relatively small social media presence. When you select the Individual package, you'll receive the ability to connect one social media profile on each of the available platforms except for Pinterest. Users with this plan can schedule as many as 10 posts per profile in advance. This kind of scheduling power makes it possible for users to set up their social media feeds for several days or even weeks at a time.


However, the Awesome plan has quite a bit more flexibility. For one thing, it's the most basic plan that grants users the ability to post to Pinterest. Perhaps even more importantly, the Awesome package allows connecting up to 10 social profiles for each platform. That makes it possible for one user to manage multiple Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with ease. Members at the Awesome level can also schedule up to 100 posts in advance and create a multitude of posting schedules. A content inbox lets users follow as many as 15 RSS feeds and to quickly share important links.

When even more power and flexibility is required, customers can opt for a "Business" plan. Entrepreneurs can choose a plan based on the size of their business: small, medium or large. The small plan has connectivity for up to 25 profiles while medium-sized companies get 50 and large companies get 150. As many as 2000 posts per profile can be scheduled in advance. These plans also have room for multiple team members. The number varies based upon whether the small, medium or large size is selected. With this plan, profiles can be bundled together, and genuinely in-depth analytics are available.

Buffer is a smart way for everyone from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations to increase their social media presence and engagement. With several membership packages available, it's easy for customers to find a plan that suits their organization and their goals. When marketing professionals and entrepreneurs don't have to spend multiple hours posting to various social media accounts, they are free to work on more value-added projects. At the same time, their social media feeds are consistently active, which is an important consideration in the modern business world.

If you're ready to try a more hands-off approach when it comes to posting content to your social media feeds, then give Buffer a try. It's relatively affordable, and the company is willing to scale their offerings to meet the needs of your unique organization. You'll never miss a publication deadline again when you've got Buffer working for you.

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