Unique curated content, your marketing messages, hashtagged & scheduled for 3-5 days in 20 min
Bundlepost enables creating unique content, discovering, hash tagging social media posts and shares marketing messages.

About Bundlepost

Bundle Post

Bundlepost is a content curation tool that is capable of aggregating and scheduling all sorts of social media content. Users can spend just a few minutes scheduling all content for their various social media channels for the next several days. Marketers and entrepreneurs will free up so much of their time with Bundle Post that they'll be able to engage with customers on a far more personal level. At the same time, the app will make certain that their website receives a record number of visitors.

A patent application has been filed to protect Bundle Post's proprietary technology, which users can take advantage of to really maximize the impact of their social media channels. Content curation requires endless hours of effort on behalf of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, but Bundle Post makes the process much easier. It also integrates analytics and an engagement dashboard so that users can better understand which of their social media efforts are really paying off.

Users add various Google Alerts, RSS feeds and other channels to their Bundle Post account. The app ingests new content several times every day, which means that users always have access to the newest, most relevant content found anywhere on the web. It's possible for users to select the content that will most appeal to their audience. Then, they simply click an "Export" button to choose when the content will be sent to the audience. The data is sent to HootSuite from which it will be published on schedule.

Bundle Post also allows users to create and save unique marketing messages that can be scheduled to appear in between other content posts. The Bundlet Chrome extension can be used to queue up additional content. Users love Bundle Post's ability to automatically hashtag posts.

Bundle Post's functionality includes the ability to efficiently curate content by connecting alerts and RSS feeds. The content on those feeds is automatically ingested several times each day, giving users access to an amazing amount of content. The app essentially gives users a social media content management system that saves content from the selected feed channels. From there, the content can be edited before being merged with other content. Because all feed channels can be managed from one convenient interface, it is much easier for marketers to ensure that what they post is consistent and up-to-date.

Bundle Post provides users with a marketing post repository section where customized folders can be created. The folders can store all sorts of marketing messages that can be distributed via the app. Examples of posts that might be stored in the repository include those that are related to the company's brand and website. The repository can hold videos and all kinds of imaginative content, and then it's all available in one convenient spot.

Most users find that this function is most useful for evergreen blog posts, newsletters and landing page links. This might also be the right place for storing social profile links. The sky is really the limit, with users being able to save anything that is specifically related to their operation in the repository to be used again and again.

Every modern marketer knows how critical hashtags are these days. Recognizing this, and understanding how hard it can be to come up with effective hashtags, Bundle Post makes it easy to hashtag 100 posts in seconds rather than hours. The app's exclusive hashtag system grants the ability to create multiple folders, with each folder corresponding to a certain account, campaign or client. Users can go into each folder to specify certain phrases and keywords that are likely to recur in their content. Then, the user tells the system which hashtag should be used to replace those phrases or keywords. With a single click, Bundle Post can put useful hashtags on 100 scheduled posts.

The hashtag folder is an amazing tool for people who rely heavily on Twitter. Having Bundle Post automatically switch out certain keywords for hashtags ensures that the content receives maximum exposure.

Bundle Post similarly provides users with the ability to schedule posting times for all of their social media channels. Users can create a unique schedule for each of the platforms they use. Within the folder for a certain channel, users can either add a single time slot for a one-off post or populate an entire schedule that can include start and end times as well as posting intervals. The schedules are integrated with curated content and marketing posts to give users total control over what appears on their social media channels and when it appears.

Bundle Post's Follow Friday is yet another feature that can save copious amounts of time for marketing professionals. No longer will the last day of the workweek be spent trying to discern who should be mentioned in various posts or deciding exactly what those posts should say. The Follow Friday folders can be categorized for various accounts or clients, and a particular schedule can be merged with a certain Follow Friday folder.

One of Bundle Post's most attractive qualities is that it allows users to organize their feeds any way they like. Feeds that pertain to a certain client can be placed in one folder or a user might categorize their feeds according to theme. A marketing firm with multiple clients might have each employee set up their own feed folder for their particular clients.

Bundle Post provides some fairly impressive software. However, that doesn't mean that it's perfect. The user interface is a bit rough. This means that novice users may have a difficult time getting to know the system. That's especially true for people who are just starting out with in-depth use of social media. Even people who are a bit more experienced may need some extra time figuring out how to navigate the system.

One other minor annoyance is the program's tendency to refresh the page after exporting the content of a feed. This means that the user is constantly brought back to the top of the screen and has to scroll down several times.

No software or app is totally perfect, but that doesn't mean that Bundle Post isn't great. Much of its value lies in the time it will save entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Instead of looking for and posting great content, they can let Bundle Post do much of the legwork for them. This means they'll have more time for actually engaging with clients and customers to forge closer, long-term relationships.

If you have clients in multiple time zones, then Bundle Post is an absolute must. You can schedule posts for three to five days in advance for absolutely any time. This means that every audience gets fresh content precisely when they are supposed to receive it.

One of Bundle Post's most useful and interesting features is the plugin for the Chrome browser. Known as the Bundlet Chrome Extension, the tool enables users to send content from any web page they visit to a queue or a content folder. Copying and pasting is a thing of the past thanks to this handy plugin.

Bundle Post offers a free, 30-day trial to all new users. No credit card is required. The free trial contains plenty of functionality so that prospective buyers can really test the system. Trial members get access to queue folders, curated RSS channels and curated alerts and feeds. Auto hashtagging folders are included as are custom posting schedules. With pretty nearly everything included, trial users can easily determine within a 30-day period whether or not Bundle Post is worthwhile for them.

Individual users may decide on the "Personal" membership at $19.99 per month. This membership includes the Bundlet Chrome Extension as well as granting access to two queue folders, one curated RSS channel and one curated alert and feed channel. With limited capabilities for Twitter name search and replace and the ability to create two custom posting schedules, this membership may have everything that the individual needs. Tech support with this package consists of tutorials, and members can send a maximum of 40 posts to HootSuite via each export.

The "Expanded" package is designed for the marketer at $50 per month. It includes everything in the "Personal" membership, but with greater capacity. For instance, members at this level have access to four queue folders instead of two. Similarly, they can connect four social media accounts instead of two. They can export as many as 50 posts at once.

For the ultimate in flexibility and size, marketers and agencies may want to select the "Pro" package. Priced at $100 per month, this affordable membership has no limits when it comes to the number of folders, channels, alerts, and Twitter name search and replace capabilities. Up to 100 posts may be exported to HootSuite at once, and full tech support is included. Additionally, members at the "Pro" level receive live setup and training, have the ability to sort and randomize posts, turn "time slot control" on and off and receive automated feed attribution.

Bundle Post has the power to revolutionize how entrepreneurs and marketers spend their days. Although the user interface isn't particularly intuitive, most people can probably get familiar with it fairly quickly with regular use. For its affordable price and undeniable efficiency, Bundle Post is a smart choice for any company that relies heavily on its social media feeds.

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