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Business Name Generator

Shopify's Business Name Generator tool is just one of the ways that this full-service website helps entrepreneurs get their online business started. Recognizing that it is nearly impossible to do anything else before coming up with a great name, this tool should be the first place to go for people who are starting a small business.

Anyone who has ever tried to come up with a business name knows what a daunting prospect a blank piece of paper is. No matter how long you stare at the paper, no brilliant ideas come to you. That's especially troubling because a great name can make or break your business before it even gets started. You could go with something completely generic like John Smith Carpentry, but that approach doesn't make much sense. A generic name does little to differentiate you from your competition, and that is critically important when you're launching a new venture. Additionally, customers may not be able to remember your company's name particularly well unless it is in some measure clever and unique.

Before you decide to hire a professional marketing company to create a name for you, it makes sense to try some other alternatives. After all, if you're like most entrepreneurs, then you're probably operating on a shoestring budget. You don't have a great deal of capital to throw away on things like a catchy name.

That's where a free service like Shopify's Business Name Generator tool comes in handy. Granted, you'll probably be presented with thousands of domain name suggestions, and combing through all of them requires time and persistence. However, this is a much better alternative when compared to continuing to sit and stare at that blank piece of paper as you wait for inspiration to strike.

The Business Name Generator is very straightforward. Users simply enter a keyword and click the "Generate Names" button. Most keywords generate at least 1,000 search results. It is also possible to enter in more than one keyword. This particular name generator only searches .com domains, so users who want an alternative extension may take an idea from the Business Name Generator and test availability elsewhere.

Results produced from the generator appear to begin with generic domain names and progress to more creative names farther down on the list. For example, entering the keywords "tree cutters" yielded 4,992 domains that contained those words. On the first results page, possible domains like,, and appeared. More interesting results appeared farther down the list with names like,,, and among many others. As users peruse the results, they will quickly see that some results are more appropriate than others., for instance, may not capture the image that an entrepreneur wants to project. However, it's useful to note that all of the results are domain names that are available for registration.

Another search for the keyword "salon" produced just 2,152 results. Interestingly, many of the same added words appeared on this list as well as on the "tree cutters" search. These included words like inertia, power play, quantum leap and clear choice. Obviously, some of these are less relevant than others. Some interesting results included,,, and These results and other strong possibilities are scattered throughout the 36 pages of search results, making it necessary to review each page. This is a time-consuming process, but highly worthwhile.

That's because it's best to avoid a generic name that merely describes where the business is or what kind of products or services it provides. Such names are generally not memorable, and they may not stand the test of time. After all, the name "Oak Street Salon" doesn't make a great deal of sense if the location has to move to Alder Street five years after being established. The name then becomes misleading and confusing.

Another reason why it is best to comb through the results for something that is unique and memorable is the opportunity to secure trademark rights. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office generally does not grant trademark registrations for marks that are generic or simply describe the business. Accordingly, a name like "Oak Street Salon" probably could not be registered at the USPTO while something a bit more imaginative like Fission Salon may very well be protectable. The ability to register a trademark at the state or federal level may become incredibly important if the business owner wants to expand their business or prevent other new businesses from adopting a confusingly similar name.

Shopify's Business Name Generator is set up to facilitate registration of the domain name through their other services, which include the ability to create an ecommerce website. Users click on their desired business name, which brings up a dialog box where they can enter their email address and a password. Shopify then sets up a storefront, and the user enters their name, address and other contact information. Anyone who is not interested in using Shopify as the host for their website can register their domain name elsewhere with companies like GoDaddy and 1&1.

When it comes to naming a business, originality matters. That's why Shopify's Business Name Generator is such a powerful tool. The availability of these domain names suggests that these business names should be available for use. Any entrepreneur who encounters difficulty when coming up with a name for their new venture can rely on Shopify's service to point them in several worthwhile directions.