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Any company can reap amazing benefits from having an active presence on social media. This presence is so essential that it is now generally understood that any venture that has a social media feed that goes silent might have gone out of business.

This realization may be enough to push any marketer to post fanatically to Twitter. The trouble is that mere quantity of tweets isn't enough to make a difference in the success or failure of a business. What's really needed is high quality, meaningful content that enriches the lives of followers and actually inspires them to bring their business to your company.

That sounds wonderful, but it is immensely difficult and time consuming to put into practice. That's where a service like Crate comes in. Crate does away with the long, difficult slog across the Internet that content marketers have to endure in an effort to find something, anything, that's worth posting to their Twitter feed. When someone tries to search for or produce worthwhile content for their social media channels on a daily basis, their efforts often go unrewarded. They may find nothing at all or uncover just a single article or link that has only dubious value.

It would be ideal if these marketers could delegate this frustrating task to someone else. Thanks to Crate, they can.

Crate is almost ridiculously easy to use, yet it is capable of producing spectacular results. Users just have to know what kind of content they'd like to see in their news feed. Then, they tell Crate what to look for, and the service essentially does the rest.

To get started with Crate, prospective users must first have a Twitter account. Anyone without a Twitter account won't be able to gain access to the platform. After establishing an account, the user is asked to start building a crate. Users can put domains, user names and keywords into their crate. For instance, a user might want to place industry-specific websites in their crate or the user names of Twitter users who may regularly tweet about related topics. Keywords may be any word or phrase that might cover content that would be of interest to followers.

Each domain, user name or keyword that is placed in the crate then becomes a tag that Crate uses to seek out engaging, relevant articles and blog posts that users can share with their online community. Crate describes themselves as a "digital social media assistant." Accordingly, it is their job to streamline the process of finding and sharing great content.

In simplified terms, users inform Crate about the kind of content they'd like to see in their Twitter feed by filling up a crate. The software immediately starts looking for relevant, engaging, rich content. These articles, links, blog posts, infographics and more can be shared with all followers instantaneously. Alternatively, it's possible to schedule precisely when content will be shared, whether that's in half an hour or three weeks from now.

Crate cites statistics to tout is value to potential users. They claim that approximately 69 percent of content marketers lack the time to locate and share meaningful content with followers. While marketers using traditional methods spend inordinate amounts of time searching for content they actually want to share and then scheduling when that content should be distributed, marketers who use Crate spend their time on more valuable things. Crate suggests that their users have more time to collaborate with influencers, create their own great content and build relationships with customers and others.

Crate also describes how its clients have found success with the service regardless of their industry. They claim to have helped clients who deal antiques and those who publish a productivity blog or even those who are running a tech startup. Clearly, Crate is aiming to appeal to a wide swath of potential customers.

For the most part, Crate's services seem to deliver what they promise. Setting up a new account is really easy, and if you're already doing the content marketing for your organization, you'll have no trouble finding keywords and domains to load into your crate. It's important to note that Crate is purposely designed to integrate with Twitter. Accordingly, if your company prefers other social media channels, this may not be the ideal service for you.

However, Crate is also compatible with Buffer. After creating a Crate account, it's easy enough to hit the "Connect Buffer" button. Buffer makes it possible for users to pre-set days and times for social media posts, alleviating the pressure of having to find something to post "right now." Instead, a wealth of rich content, which can be found via Crate, is automatically scheduled to post at optimum times. By pairing Crate with Buffer, it's easier than ever for content marketers to really take charge of their social media presence.

Crate has amazing capabilities for busy content marketers who feel like they are always short on time. Compared to other, similar services, Crate provides a greater degree of control over what goes out over Twitter. That's because it's possible to add so many different kinds of tags to your crate. From domains to hashtags and positive and negative keywords, marketers will be able to easily manage what shows up in their feed.

For its ease of use and the quality of the content it locates, Crate is a wonderful value for companies in any industry.

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