All-In-One Online Business Dashboard
Cyfe is tool which monitor and control all business data including social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support and infrastructure

About Cyfe

There's a reason why big-name corporations like AT&T, ABC, Marriott, Citrix and Whole Foods have already adopted Cyfe. It's an all-in-one business dashboard app that puts users in total control of information. Thanks to this revolutionary app, employees of companies both large and small will be able to access an unprecedented amount of information with just a click of the mouse.

Forbes, TechCruch, PC World and Mashable have given Cyfe their seal of approval. That's partially because Cyfe offers a free level of service that is ideal for entrepreneurs that don't have a sizable marketing budget. However, it's also because the app is so powerful when it comes to monitoring a company's social media. Cyfe allows users to truly monitor what people are saying online about their brand, and that kind of insight is incredibly valuable.

Cyfe Tool Performance


Cyfe makes itself indispensable by providing entrepreneurs with an excellent tool for evaluating performance. With a few clicks of the mouse, business owners can "listen" to their customer base, which lets them know what's going right and what could use some improvement. This then makes it possible for entrepreneurs to alter their approach. That may mean abandoning a certain campaign or putting more time and investment into another campaign that is working like gangbusters. Then, the process starts over again with the business owner using Cyfe to get a genuine response from their customers.

The argument in favor of a business of any size using an app like Cyfe is strong. It is incredibly hard for business owners to really get a sense of which social media channels are working for them without some kind of software that collates and presents a lot of complex data in a manner that is easy to understand. Cyfe provides useful tracking information for popular online platforms like Facebook, Google Analytics and MailChimp.

How to Use Cyfe


Cyfe features a multitude of widgets that compile tons of helpful information for entrepreneurs. In fact, the full list of widgets is staggering. Well-known online platforms like Instagram, Amazon, Flickr, Shopify and iTunes are all represented. If you use Constant Contact, SalesForce Desk, bitly or Highrise, you're still in luck as you can track all of your data for each of these services on Cyfe. However, these only represent Cyfe's pre-made widgets. It's also possible to design custom widgets.

Custom widgets are pretty easy to create. You might need to do this if you are required to pull data from your company's internal databases or from your own workstation. Perhaps you'll need a custom format for creating a weekly marketing status report. A custom widget allows you to use any data source on the web or to pull any data from CSV files.

You simply create a CSV file that has the data you need to track. Then, choose a widget type from the selection at Cyfe. You might choose "Line," "Stacked Area, "Stacked Percentage Column" or another of Cyfe's widget types. Lastly, you just configure and fine tune the widget after pulling the data from the CSV file or a private URL.

One of Cyfe’s really attractive components is that it is so easy to use. Even if you have limited experience with online platforms, you’ll find that this app is intuitive and provides data in a format that is readily digestible. Those who have more advanced capabilities will be especially appreciative of the ability to create custom widgets. Fortunately, the process is so straightforward that even novices will figure it out without a lot of strife.

Modern marketing professionals can probably agree that the Internet is an overwhelming place. That is particularly true for marketers who need to manage multiple websites in addition to an endless string of social media platforms. As is noted on the Cyfe website, it’s very easy for workers to spend as much as 80 percent of their at-work hours dealing with data. Between monitoring data, collecting it, analyzing it and reporting it, most marketing professionals have enough to occupy their work days for weeks on end. Companies that have a large, dynamic Internet presence can lose massive amounts of time just dealing with data.

Cyfe Features and Functionality


That’s what makes Cyfe so valuable. The app does so much of the hard work for you that you’ll be able to concentrate on other, more interesting things like new product development or coming up with an advertising campaign that will make your customer base sit up and take notice.

Cyfe features a free sign-up process that requires just your full name, email address and password. The "Forever Free" plan does not expire, nor does it require that the user enter into a contract. No credit card number is required for signing up.

After a new user enters a name, email address and password, the Cyfe system sends them a confirmation email. The account activation email arrives immediately. It contains a link that, when clicked, takes the user immediately to a blank dashboard. The dashboard is untitled, but the user can easily type in a new name that will readily identify it. An "Add Widget" tool is automatically highlighted. Clicking on it brings up a dialog box with several tabs.

The tabs represent major widget categories like "Advertising," "Blogging," "Email," "Sales & Finance," "Social Media" and more. Selecting a tab brings up all available widgets in that category. Users simply click the "Add" button next to the widget of their choice. A blank widget with an appropriate label is instantly created.

The "Configure Widget" button in the center of the widget is what allows the user to connect Cyfe to whatever account is associated with the widget. For instance, a Flickr widget will automatically populate the "Widget Title" field as Flickr, but the user can edit this. Users then enter their Flickr account number and choose which metrics they want to track. After clicking "Save Widget," they are in business.

The Cyfe dashboard is set up in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner. A series of icons across the top of the screen let the user set up a new dashboard, edit the current dashboard, change the background, export the dashboard and complete other tasks. On the left side of the screen, users will find buttons for managing dashboards, users, settings and for obtaining help.

The Cyfe free membership allows subscribers to use a maximum of five widgets. Those who would like access to more widgets will need to sign up for Cyfe Premium. Priced at $19 per month, the Premium membership grants access to an unlimited number of dashboards and widgets. Another nice bonus is the ability to add as many team members as you like. Premium membership also makes it possible to export data on demand in a variety of file formats. Customization options also increase, with users being able to use their company logo or to build a custom domain with their dashboard. Cyfe also archives historical data, so it's possible for Premium members to really track their performance over time. The price decreases to $14 per month when members pay for an entire year in advance.

Cyfe is a particularly powerful app that puts the user in charge. Companies that have multiple dashboards for various clients can make a dashboard available to the client for viewing. In this mode, the client has their own login information, and the owner of the Cyfe dashboard can control what the client sees. Some marketing companies have been able to eliminate the need for monthly or other periodical reports to clients thanks to the Cyfe dashboard app. Clients can simply log in for themselves to see how their marketing efforts are faring. This also frees up marketing professionals to concentrate on more value-added efforts.

Any professional who feels that it is essential that they have their finger on the pulse of their company should consider signing up for Cyfe. The free account offers a great deal of robust functionality at a price that even the most budget-conscious entrepreneur can appreciate. The paid memberships are certainly affordable enough for a startup as well. If you're managing many websites and social media channels, then Cyfe should be prove to be indispensable for you.

Cyfe is so easy to use that even novices are likely to feel immediately comfortable with the interface. The clear graphics make even the most complex data seem clear, and the ability to give clients their own login capabilities can really simplify the marketer's job. With loads of advantages and a relative lack of disadvantages, Cyfe is highly recommended for anyone who's interested in how their company is performing online.

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