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Domainhole is superior to many other domain name generator websites because it provides several tools rather than only one. With the ability to rely on functions like expired domain search, name spinner, name generator and more, entrepreneurs will find that it is easier than ever to come up with a unique domain name that will drive visitors to their website.

Domainhole was created by Timeless Technologies of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The company is one of Canada's foremost software development and website design agencies. Since building websites is their primary concern, it's logical that they would develop a service like Domainhole. It must be valuable to their own workers on a daily basis, and users around the world can also avail themselves of the service for free.

This particular domain name generator excels because it provides users with so many different ways to find an available domain name that works for their enterprise. First up is the Expired Domain Search. Many thousands of domains expire every day. This means that a desirable domain that was not available yesterday may be up for grabs today. Whether the previous owner no longer needs the domain or they simply forgot to renew, this is your opportunity to snatch a great domain name.

The Expired Domain Search has several filters. You can select a "Domain" that either contains, starts with or ends with the keyword of your choice. It's possible to enter more than one keyword by using commas as separators. Users can also select when the domain expired. Choices range from the last 60 days up to the next five days. Entering a custom date is also permitted. Next, users decide which top level domains they prefer to search. Choices like .com, .net, .biz, .us and more are available. Other filters allow users to decide whether or not hyphens or numbers should be included and how the results should be sorted. Finally, users can select how many characters or words they would prefer for their domain name to have.

Domainhole makes it easy for users to keep tabs on the availability of their preferred domain names with the Domain Alerts tool. Customers who create an account with the website can set up alerts for particular domain names. The WHOIS status of the domain is automatically monitored by Domainhole on a daily basis. Any status change will result in an email alert. Alerts track changes to registrant info, availability, renewal and registration so you'll always be informed.

The Name Spinner tool is particularly useful for people who are looking for a creative solution to their domain name quandary. Customers enter a keyword and then set several filters. The "Combine Keyword With" filter contains many choices like fields of study, music terms, funny words, business verbs, common words and several others. With the "Add Word List," users can determine whether the added word will follow, precede or be placed in between keywords. Customers can choose to include hyphens, select which top level domains to use and decide how they would like their results to be displayed.

The Instant Availability Check tool is ideal for entrepreneurs who just need a quick hit about the availability of a certain domain name. This search is limited to .com, .org and .net domains only so that the results are as fast as possible. After performing this instant search, the user may have valuable clues about how to use the other tools to help differentiate their keyword from existing domains.

The Complete Availability Check requires a bit more time to complete because it must search across an incredible expanse of top level domains. Users enter their proposed keyword and then select which top level domain category they would like to search. At least one category of top level domains must be selected in order to proceed with this search. The customer can select from popular domains from all over the globe or choose a domain that is specific to a geographic location like North America, South America, European, African and others.

People might decide to use the Name Generator tool if they do not have a specific keyword in mind. This innovative approach generates random results that are nonetheless pronounceable. Most of the resulting domain names are unique and may become registered trademarks. Sometimes, these random domain names are referred to as Web 2.0 domain names. The more times the user hits the "Generate" button, the more results they will receive. First, it's necessary to choose how many characters will be in the domain name. Selections range from four to 10 characters. Next, users decide which top level domain they'd like to utilize. Clicking the "Generate" button brings up dozens of possible domain names. Clicking on the "Available" link allows users to register the domain name that appeals to them.

Domainhole also provides a Bulk Domain Check tool that permits users to enter a list of multiple domain names at once. The list is either separated by commas or users can enter one possible domain name on each line. Customers can also select which top level domains they would like to search.

The Brainstormer tool may be the most powerful one in Domainhole's arsenal. Users simply enter a keyword and then click on the "Brainstorm" button. This tool employs aspects of all of Domainhole's other tools to arrive at unique, available domain names. All results are displayed on one page to make it easy for users to review the possibilities.

When a Domainhole user finds an available domain that they would like to register, they simply click on the "Available" link next to the domain name. Domainhole then presents several registration possibilities through well-known companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, 1&1, and others. Clicking on one of these choices takes users directly to the registrar where they can purchase their domain name.

With its robust selection of tools, Domainhole makes it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs to locate a unique, available domain name. It's versatile, powerful and free, which means that it should be at the top of the list for domain name generators.

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