Search and insert images into your posts and pages from Dreamstime's vast database of Free and Royalty-Free stock photos & illustrations.
With this plugin is possible to insert stock images into posts and pages directly from Dreamstime's database and without leaving WordPress.

About DreamsTime


With tens of thousands of images currently available and more being added all the time, Dreamstime is an excellent resource for artists and professionals of every description. Many large, well-known companies make use of this extensive archive when they are updating their websites, blogs and publications. Accordingly, users can expect excellent quality and high resolution shots that genuinely enhance their projects.

Anyone can register with Dreamstime and become a member for free. In fact, a membership provides access to thousands of free images that can be downloaded and used for any purpose. One of the perks of working with Dreamstime is the full customer support services they offer. Users can call or email with any questions or concerns.

Dreamstime isn't just about finding great images. It's also the perfect spot for connecting with other creative professionals or learning about the latest innovations and developments in the industry. The message boards are active and populated by contributors, designers and users. They provide an excellent resource for learning about Dreamstime's capabilities or for suggesting improvements to the platform. Similarly, the several blogs that are administered by Dreamstime are gold mines of information concerning techniques and creative ways to use stock photos.

Dreamstime Features


Although Dreamstime does feature thousands of free images, its largest collections are fee based. Users can choose from either credit packages or subscriptions. Dreamstime uses "credit" like currency on their website. Popular packages include 11 credits for $14.99 and 60 credits for $68.99. Much larger packages are also available. For example, 1,000 credits cost $900.00 while 2,000 credits go for $1,760. The idea is that the more credits a user buys, the smaller their cost per credit is. Credits expire precisely one year after the purchase date, which is why it's important to keep track of available credits. Individual images typically cost about 18 credits or less. However, Dreamstime frequently features promotional deals that provide excellent savings.

Users may opt for a subscription instead of a credit package. Subscriptions make it possible for users to download a predetermined number of images every month. No daily limit is imposed on downloads, so a user could conceivably download all of their monthly allotment in one day. Monthly subscriptions that allow five or 10 images per month are modestly priced and can be renewed automatically. Alternatively, users can select subscriptions that allow them to download 750 images per month, every three months, every six months or every year. The larger and longer the subscription is, the more the user saves. Anyone who chooses a six month or annual subscription saves 15 percent over other plans.

Dreamstime provides a video download service. Once again, these are available on a subscription basis. Members can choose the number of monthly downloads they would like and the appropriate video resolution for their purposes. This stock footage includes everything from surfers hanging 10 to cute beagle puppies and everything in between. It's just one more way that Dreamstime can enhance the online experience at any website.

Licensing Agreements

Licensing is an important consideration for users of Dreamstime. Various license agreements are available, and the appropriate one to choose depends upon how the image will be used. All images and other media at Dreamstime can be downloaded with a standard, royalty free license. This provides suitable permission for most usages as well as being the less expensive option. However, the royalty free license is not appropriate to all usages. This means that it is necessary to review the extended license information with each download.

Users can click on an individual image and then select the "Extended licenses" radio button to see additional available formats, sizes and options. Helpfully, a question mark found next to the Extended Licenses selection brings up a dialog box. This dialog box compares the standard royalty free license with the extended license. Some of the features are the same under both types of license. Nonetheless, there are important differences between the two.

For instance, the standard license provides permission to create and distribute a maximum of 500,000 printed and electronic copies of a certain image while the extended license puts no limit on this number. These printed and electronic copies could appear in flyers, magazines, books and advertisements. Additionally, while the standard license does not allow printed items for distribution, the extended license permits this use. This means that a company could create and distribute t-shirts, postcards or other promotional items containing the artwork. Plainly, it's important to be clear about how an image will be used before deciding which type of license is appropriate.

Even though users must pay for much of the media they download from Dreamstime, it may still be necessary to give credit to the creator of the image in certain circumstances. When an image is used for editorial use, then providing credit for the work is mandatory. "Editorial use" refers to a photograph that is a descriptive visual reference. In other words, it is an example of a person, place or thing. Frequently, these images are found in conjunction with newspaper and magazine articles or other publications of a non-commercial nature. A Dreamstime user who downloads an image for editorial purposes will be required to utilize a credit line in publication. Additionally, giving credit may also be a good idea in other circumstances. Dreamstime makes this easy by having credit lines appear in the user's download history. The credit line is also listed under the thumbnail of the image.

Image Platform


Dreamstime contains millions of images with more being added every day. Fortunately, the website features a robust search platform that allows the use of multiple filters. It's also possible for users to save their settings if they have a particular search that they perform routinely. Customers can choose to search only royalty free images, exclude editorial images and can only include images featuring people. The advanced search options provide even more selectivity, with users being able to browse favorite contributors, pricing levels and even the orientation of the image. The "People" tab in the advanced search options is particularly detailed. Users can select the number of people in the image, their genders, ages and races so they can exactly capture the message that is their goal.

Images in the collection include famous locations, generic country roads and stunning natural panoramas. Some photographs are designed for holiday themes while others seem geared toward interior design, health and beauty or technology. With millions of images and videos available, Dreamstime is certain to have the right media for every user. Moreover, their flexible credit packages and subscription plans make them an affordable choice.

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