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Beautiful and unique premium WordPress themes for a blog or CMS
Elegant themes provides in-depth WP theme designs which offer plenty of features to its owners.

About Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

WordPress offers so many amazing options for users at a really unbeatable price. However, if users want to build a genuinely unique website, then it's necessary to peruse the theme offerings from other providers. Hundreds of choices are out there, but they aren't all created equal. Elegant Themes is one of the best.

Elegant Themes provides SEO-optimized themes that are rich with features and look incredible. Businesses that are anxious to build a brand can't go wrong with products from Elegant Themes. Any of these themes is capable of boosting your website's visibility and netting you a sales increase.

Elegant Themes is a company that takes its name to heart. It's themes are the epitome of elegance for the modern world. Using sleek designs and advanced functionality, these themes are certain to please everyone from the casual blogger to the nationwide corporation. The company was founded in 2008 by Nick Roach, who still serves as CEO today. At its inception, Roach was the venture's only employee. That team has grown to include 41 members who are located all over the world. This gives the business a sense of community, and the team members strive to make customers feel like they are also a part of this community.

This approach appears to be working. Thus far, Elegant Themes has acquired nearly 400,000 satisfied customers. It boasts a collection of 87 premium themes as well as five useful plugins. Whether you are building an ecommerce site or want to make a beautiful space to display your photography, you can find the perfect theme here. You can promote a charity, dive into fashion with a magazine-style layout or offer your business' unique services to its customer base. These themes are versatile enough to serve just about any purpose.

All of Elegant Themes' offerings come loaded with plenty of features. The general settings capabilities make it possible for the user to change colors, backgrounds and layouts. Owners are able to control featured articles on their websites and all of the theme's basic functions. It's also possible to enable or disable thumbnails and to include and format a comments section for posts.

Elegant Themes uses a jQuery color selector to enable users to quickly and easily change the color scheme of any element. Moreover, users can efficiently manage advertisements with a built-in module that makes using banner ads a snap. Employing SEO is equally straightforward thanks to integration with plugins like Yoast's WordPress SEO. The presence of a contact form makes it simple for customers and visitors to contact the website owner. Many themes also include gorgeous, fully functional galleries where website designers can present a collection of images. These galleries often have lightbox effects and attractive, attention-grabbing animations. Website owners further have the power to add member log-in capabilities, which is a must if you intend to require members to sign in for content. The blog feed feature ensures that visitors will always be able to see the latest posts as soon as they arrive at your website.

WordPress frequently updates its capabilities and functionality, and Elegant Themes does the same. One of the perks of being an Elegant Themes customer is the ongoing access to updates from the website. This ensures that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress, which promises better access for your visitors and a steadier revenue stream for you.

Elegant Themes also provides premium support channels to all members. Each theme that is downloaded from the website includes comprehensive documentation that is designed to guide the user through the process of setting up and maintaining their website. Should this documentation prove to be inadequate, then the user can visit the support forums at the Elegant Themes website.

It's critical to understand that it is not possible to call or email Elegant Themes for technical support. The only available avenue is the support forum. Customers can post a question or issue to the forum, which is also open to other customers. When a new topic is created in the forum, it essentially creates a "ticket" that can be responded to by Elegant Themes support staff or even another customer. The forums are useful because it is possible to search through the already posted topics for similar subject matter. Accordingly, someone looking for an answer may be able to find that it is already in the forum, which means that it's not necessary to post a new topic. If the answer cannot be readily found, then it's necessary to post a new topic. It can take some time before an answer is received. However, most support questions are addressed within 24 hours.

With nearly 90 themes from which to choose, it can be a bit difficult to find the one that's perfect for your project. Fortunately, Elegant Themes somewhat streamlines this process with its filter capabilities. Their main "Themes" page features tabs across the top that allow users to choose a broad category like "Blog," "Business," "eCommerce," "Magazine," "Multimedia" and "Personal." Clicking on one of these categories restricts the displayed results to a more manageable number. Unfortunately, the website does not offer further search or filter functions that might allow the user to scan for certain capabilities or features that they particularly desire.

Nonetheless, the broad categories do make the process of finding a suitable theme somewhat easier. It is necessary to click on a particular theme to obtain a complete description of that product. The theme's page includes information about the custom widgets, content modules and other features that are a standard part of that theme's package.

All themes have compatibility across all major browsers and receive perpetual updates as long as membership is maintained. Elegant Themes uses W3C compliance and best coding practices to ensure that its products are fast and secure. Localization is also a part of the package. Each theme has a full set of .po and .mo files to ensure smooth translation without having to spend a lot of time coding. In fact, editing and updating these themes is so easy and transparent, that there is no need for users to have any coding experience at all.

Elegant Themes offers three pricing options. The most basic plan is called the "Personal" program. For $69 per year, the member receives total access to all themes. This includes updates and support.

The "Developer" program is advertised as the website's most popular option. It involves an annual payment of $89, which grants access to all themes and includes all updates and support. Additionally, members have access to all Elegant Themes' plugins. These include tools for email opt ins, social media sharing, optimization for hand-held devices and shortcodes. Members who choose the "Developer" level will also gain access to the layered Photosphop files for every theme. For those with more knowledge of coding, these files will prove to be particularly valuable when it comes to creating a highly customized website.

People who will be creating multiple websites for themselves or for customers may be interested in the "Lifetime Access" plan. For a one-time fee of $249, members gain access to everything in the "Developer" membership without having to pay an annual fee. This is an especially economical and versatile choice, particularly since Elegant Themes seems to introduce many attractive new products every year.

Thousands of successful entrepreneurs have already used Elegant Themes to create a beautiful, responsive website. Kayla Rose Design offers innovative web design for her customers from a website that uses one of the Elegant Themes' products on her own business website. Digital marketing agency Creative Click Media created their successful website using products from Elegant Themes. Professional photograph Dan Carr also created a beautiful, image-rich website thanks to Elegant Themes. Just a bit of browsing proves that Elegant Themes definitely provides products that can be used for virtually any project or purpose.

You can find Elegant Themes yourself at elegantthemes.com. Browse through some live demos of their themes to get a better feeling for the capabilities that are included in each. You'll likely be impressed by the speed and functionality that they offer. No matter what the purpose of your website is, you'll find a theme to support it here.

Elegant Themes is an affordable purveyor of WordPress themes. When combined with the capabilities of WordPress, these extremely functional themes provide everything you need to build a successful website. From blog posts to image-rich galleries, Elegant Themes has the right combination of themes and plugins to make your website a pleasure to browse.

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