Follower Wonk

Follower Wonk

Twitter Analytics: Find, Analyze, and Optimize for Social Growth
Follower Wonk is app powered by Moz which allows to find information about Twitter followers and compare reports.

About Follower Wonk


Most business owners and marketers know that social media is a key component of their success. However, they aren't always certain how to capitalize on their social media channels to turn a casual conversation into something more.

Twitter can be an especially powerful tool when it comes to engaging in interactions with potential customers. If an entrepreneur is really interested in harnessing the potential scope of Twitter, then it's essential to add Followerwonk to the list of apps they use.

While Followerwonk can really help a brand to maximize their reach and effectiveness on Twitter, it's important to understand that this app works exclusively with Twitter and not other social media channels. Accordingly, a company that also uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other platforms to connect with customers would need additional analytics tools.

With more companies increasingly relying on Twitter to get in touch with customers and other influencers, Followerwonk is absolutely indispensable. It enables users to monitor and research Twitter users like no other app. Using Followerwonk makes it possible for companies to discover precisely who their followers are and where they are located. It's also possible to delve into when followers tweet and what they tweet. The search capability allows users to find influencers and handles with massive social authority in any given niche or field. Followerwonk features easy-to-read visualizations that add unsurpassed clarity to research.

The app also has report-producing capabilities that can allow users to share information with colleagues across the operation. Perhaps most helpfully, Followerwonk provides insight that tells companies which of their tweets receives the most activities and gains and which ones don't produce a great response. This makes the process of deciding which content should be given preference a much easier task.

The "Search Bios" function in Followerwonk is used to find other Twitter users. Whether you are looking to recruit new talent for your operation, trying to drum up new business or attempting to make a connection with someone who is an important influencer in your industry, the search function will help you track them down. Followerwonk users login with Twitter so that the app can overlay the user's follow status. Then, the user enters a keyword or words into the search bar and decides whether to search Twitter profiles or bios. Common keywords include: journalist, actor, ninja, inbound, thought leaders and strategy.

Users who would like more robust search options can find them below the search bar. For instance, it's possible to search by location. Typing in London or New York brings up a list of Twitter users who are located in or associated with that place. It's also possible to search by name. Inputting a simple given name like William or Billy brings up a list of Twitter users with these and related names. Searching for certain URLs brings up all handles that are connected to that website. Followerwonk also has capabilities for filtering by minimum and maximum followers or tweets.

The "Compare Users" function enables users to compare their social graph with those of their competitors or leaders in their industry. Followerwonk can compare up to three Twitter users for various purposes such as which users they follow or comparing their followers. When the comparison is complete, the app returns a series of visualizations showing each user's social authority, number of followers, their days on Twitter and more.

With Followerwonk's "Analyze" capabilities, a user can divide followers into what are called "actionable segments." This means that it's possible to categorize followers into certain classes like "dormant," "old," "most influential" and others. The "Analyze" tool has search functions for the feeds that a particular user follows and for those that follow them. Reports are robust and include a detailed world map that shows where followers are located. Others show statistics for "most active hours." One of the most insightful graphs is a bio word cloud showing which terms most often appear in the user's feed. Results also include a location word cloud and social authority scores as well as gender, follower counts, following counts and account ages of followers. The "Analyze" tool returns so much data, that it's difficult to imagine needing any more information to help produce improved results on Twitter.

Nonetheless, Followerwonk does have additional functionality. This includes the ability to track followers. The app suggests doing this for the company's own Twitter account and also for that of a competitor. Tracking yields detailed graphs and charts related to statistics like "daily new followers," "daily lost followers" and which days of the week show the most gained or lost followers. Accordingly, it's possible for Followerwonk users to track which of their Twitter efforts are being met with the most enthusiasm. Followerwonk also has a "Sort Followers" tool that is a powerful solution for grouping followers by name, tweet count, number of days on Twitter and other statistics.

Followerwonk is a creation of Moz, which is a Seattle software as a service company. They sell a variety of marketing analytics software. Founders Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig started out with a dream to own a consulting firm in 2004. Their vision evolved over the course of four years to include software development, and this has remained their primary focus in the years since. The company has an SEO Toolbox page on its main website where customers can find a powerful term extractor that ranks the importance of various words and phrases. Other tools include one that compares the trustworthiness of competing websites and a ranking app that is meant to compete with Google PageRank.

Followerwonk is another of Moz's large and diverse arsenal of social media tools. Those who have an existing Moz account can add Followerwonk to their toolbox. It is also possible to simply gain access to Followerwonk without having any of Moz's other tools. Novice users may appreciate the free version of Followerwonk. This enables connection of one Twitter account. With the free membership, users get access to a limited amount of the app's analytical capabilities. Users with an unpaid membership can search and find other users as well as receive notification about when their followers are active. They can access 50 Twitter profiles per day with the search function, and when they search bios for keywords, they'll receive 100 results per search. No report downloads are included with the free membership. Similarly, the ability to sort users is not included.

The "Target" package is Followerwonk's most popular. It costs $29 per month and has the capacity for three Twitter profiles. Users who choose this membership level can save 20 percent if they pay for a year of service in advance. In addition to the functionality in the free accounts, users who choose the "Target" package gain considerable analytical ability. They can compare follows and followers in addition to viewing follower losses and gains and learning which times they should tweet to maximize their influence. "Target" members also have enhanced capabilities for seeing which tweets engage their followers the most and receive the ability to follow or unfollow within the app. Access is also greatly enhanced with the "Target" package. Members can search an unlimited number of Twitter profiles and will receive as many as 1,500 results in a bio keyword search. They may also download up to six reports each day and will be able to compare to others with up to one million followers. "Target" users can also sort up to 50,000 followers.

Followerwonk's third membership level is known as "Multitask," and it includes the ability to connect as many as 20 profiles. This package costs $79 per month. Once again, a 20 percent discount is offered for users who pay for one year in advance. "Multitask" includes all of the capabilities of "Target," but has even more access capacity. With 5,000 results per search for keywords in bios and the ability to analyze accounts with up to one million followers, there's little data that these members won't have access to.

Followerwonk is especially powerful for companies that rely heavily on Twitter for engaging with customers. People who sign up for the app can gain extraordinary insight into what's working on their Twitter feed. This allows them to steer clear of content that doesn't seem to impress their followers. What's more, Followerwonk can help Twitter users find others with considerable social authority who may be able to bring even greater prominence to their efforts through sharing and retweeting.

Followerwonk does have its drawbacks. Most particularly, this is because it is only functional with Twitter and cannot provide insight into other social media platforms. Companies that are also reaching out to customers through Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks will need additional analytics tools to gain all of the data they need. What's more, Followerwonk's free membership is extremely limited in its scope. Users will have to select a paid membership if they really want to make the most of the app's capabilities.

Followerwonk can go a long way toward helping a company to refine its Twitter feed so that they can engage meaningfully with the largest number of followers. If the monthly or annual price fits into the marketing budget, it is a worthwhile expense.

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