Fotolia is a world-leading image bank, providing instant access to over 57 million images, vectors, illustrations and video clips
Fotolia enables to find unique images, vectors, illustrations and video clips in their archive. It is possible for everyone to find necessary content at great price.

About Fotolia


What does Fotolia do?

With Fotolia, customers gain access to more than 58 million unique photographs as well as vectors, video clips and illustrations. The company boasts six million customers located around the world. Websites, blogs, reports, slides and brochures can all be enhanced with the media found at this website. What's more, Fotolia offers many flexible plans and packages that make it easy for everyone from individuals to multi-national corporations to find an affordable and workable subscription.

Fotolia, which is based in San Jose, California, notes that it maintains relationships with photographers, graphic designers and diverse agencies all over the world to continuously update their collection. This means that customers have access to fresh content on a daily basis. Moreover, people can rely on the quality of the offerings in Fotolia's archive. They pay creators and artists at competitive rates, ensuring that they can continue to provide the best-quality images to their clients.

Subscription Plans


Fotolia's customers have many choices when it comes to their relationship with the website. Many customers like the flexibility of the pay-as-you-go option while others prefer the Daily Subscriptions or the Monthly Packs. Whichever route customers choose, they can trust that they will have access to all of the images, illustrations, vectors and videos that they need.

The most flexible choice is the pay-as-you-go, or On Demand, service. With $14, customers can get 10 Fotolia credits, which works out to $1.40 per credit. The larger the amount of credits the customer purchases, the smaller the per credit price becomes. For example, it's possible to buy 9,400 credits for $7,000, which translates to $0.74 per credit. Users can also select a custom number of credits that suits their unique needs. Fotolia's "credits" work like currency on their website. Some images cost a mere one credit while others can cost significantly more than that. Credits remain valid for 365 days after the date of purchase. Consequently, it's necessary for customers to track their credits to ensure that they are used before they expire. By purchasing credits, people can gain access to Fotolia's complete portfolio of photos, videos and vectors as well as the company's Infinite Collection. Extended licenses are also available with the use of credits.

Other customers select the Daily Subscription plan. Users register for a specific period of time, ranging from one month up to one year. The longer the subscription period that is chosen, the more money the customer saves. For instance, a user who signs up for a one-month subscription is entitled to receive 25 XXL images per day. By paying a total of $249, the customer receives 750 images at $0.33 per image. The one-year subscription costs $2,361, which gives the user access to a total of 9,125 XXL images at $0.26 per image. The inclusion of XXL images means that it's possible to download the highest resolution images. Customers can also increase the number of images they can access in a single day. Packages that come with 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 500 images per day are available. Fotolia also allows more than one user to download and access images with the Daily Subscription plan. This means that a large company that needs to have several employees able to use the subscription can request an increased number of "seats" by contacting Fotolia directly. With the Daily Subscription, it's important to keep in mind that the unused quota expires at the end of each day.

Fotolia's most popular subscription choice is the Monthly Pack. As long as the customer keeps their Monthly Pack active, their credits never expire. Anything that is unused in one month simply rolls over to the next. With the Monthly Pack, users decide how many medium or XXL images they would like to download each month. The smallest Monthly Pack contains either 10 medium or five XXL images. The price is approximately $2 per medium image and $4 per XXL image. The largest available package comes with 2,000 medium or 1,000 XXL images at a cost of $0.32 per medium image and $0.64 per XXL image. Fotolia makes it easy for customers to change their preferences with Monthly Packs. It's possible to adjust to more downloads per month at any time. Moreover, clients can cancel their automatic renewal at any time as long as they do it prior to three days before the renewal goes through.

Fotolia's Main Offerings


Fotolia divides their offerings into three main collections: Core, Infinite and Instant. The Core Collection includes more than 58 million photos, vectors and illustrations, all of which are royalty free. Each day, Fotolia adds some 30,000 files to its core collection. Web projects requiring extra small or small licenses are priced from one credit. Print, HD and extended license projects cost from six to 30 credits and beyond. A simple search function allows users to look for anything from people to architectural landmarks and everything in between. Fotolia includes helpful instructions for how to launch a query using keywords and syntax elements. Users can narrow results by content type, such as excluding vectors and illustrations so that only photographic images are returned. Customers are also free to choose their display preferences and can select from a wide range of search tools like orientation, size, recency, price, colors and people.

The Infinite Collection features millions of images from some of the top photographic agencies in the world. These premium images cost slightly more than those that are available in the Core Collection. Web projects involving extra small and small licenses are priced from 10 credits apiece. Print, HD and extended rights projects are priced from 30 credits per image up to 200 credits and beyond. The Instant Collection is a compendium of mobile photos that capture real life as it happens. Pricing is similar to that offered in the Core Collection with images starting as low as one credit and extending to greater than 30 credits.

Clicking on an individual image in any of the collections reveals sizing and pricing for that image. It also displays the keywords that are attached to the image. It is additionally possible to download a "comp" image which has diminished size and resolution so that customers can work with the image to ensure it is the right one for their project before buying it. Users will further find information about the creator of the image, and they can search for other work by the same photographer.

Fotolia is a flexible, affordable image archive that is accessible to individuals and large corporations alike. With their diverse collection of photos, vectors, illustrations and videos, every user will find precisely what they need.

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