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FreeImages website consist over 388,467 different free photos and illustrations. It is a reliable alternative to more expensive stock photos

About FreeImages


Freeimages might be the ideal resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses thanks to its collection of photographs that are available without charge. Whether you write a blog or are trying to get a startup going, Freeimages will give your publications extra style without breaking the bank. The website is also there for companies as they grow, offering premium photo access through iStock by Getty Images.

Since February 2001, Freeimages has provided a reliable alternative to more expensive stock photo service providers. The collection was founded on the idea of artists and customers being able to freely share their work and ideas, thereby leading to greater inspiration. Today, Freeimages boasts a membership of more than 2.5 million users who have access to approximately 400,000 photos.

For the small business owner or casual blogger, it would be difficult to beat the offerings at Freeimages. The polished, professional photographs are the perfect accompaniment to a website or a full-fledged marketing campaign.

Freeimages Collection


Freeimages makes it easy to find the photograph you need for your unique project. The free photographs are divided into clearly delineated categories that include "Sports & Fitness," "Army & Weapons," "Outdoor Activities," "Landscapes & Nature," "Holidays & Festivals" and more. The website's home page is the ideal launch pad for an image search. Some of the most popular categories are highlighted near the top of the page with a full list of all of the fee photo categories being found directly beneath the highlighted entries.

Next to each category, Freeimages lists the number of photographs that are found within each category. For instance, "Games & Cartoon" contains 47 images while "Landscapes & Nature" boasts 102,021. Accordingly, users can get a quick perspective on how many choices they will have in any category.

Clicking on a category like "Health & Medical" provides access to nearly 2,000 free images. However, it is important to note that when clicking on a category, the first two or three rows of results are not free images. Instead, these are premium images that can be purchased at iStock by Getty Images. Depending on their size, these high-quality images can be quite affordable, and they may represent the best choice available for the current project.

Scrolling down a line or two provides the first free images that users may select. Most of these images are photographs, but there may also be colorful illustrations that are available. Once again, these illustrations are of excellent quality, making them a prime choice for the budget-conscious entrepreneur.

Clicking on an image yields more information about the photograph. Users will discover the identity of the photographer, and they have the choice to either follow that artist or send them a message. The image page also shows how many times a particular photograph has been downloaded and the size of the file. Some pictures also have information about the camera, lens, exposure and aperture used to create the image.

Standard Licensing Agreements


Of particular note is the licensing agreement that is disclosed for each image. These are typically standard licensing agreements that allow use of the image for approved purposes without paying royalties to the artist. However, it's wise to pay attention to the licensing parameters for each image. That's because some of them require that you give credit to the author or at least notify the author that you will be using their work.

Most of the photographs on Freeimages do not require that you contact the artist before using their work. If this is a requirement on a particular image that you want to use, you can just use the contact button. Nonetheless, it's vital to understand that the Freeimages website cannot contact artists on the behalf of users, even if the artist does not respond to a request for permission to use a photograph. This may make it necessary to choose a different image.

Below the data about the photograph itself, users will find a list of related keywords. Clicking on any of these keywords will bring up all images that are labeled with that keyword. Freeimages also suggests similar free photographs as well as premium images form iStock by Getty Images.

Downloading an image is as simple as clicking the "download" button. Users may select from a range of sizes that includes small, medium, large, extra-large and full. The pixel count and file size are disclosed next to the size designation, making it easy for users to determine which one is appropriate for their project. It's also possible for registered users to click the "Add to Favorites" button so that they can easily find images later that intrigued them.

Account Creation


Creating a free account is quick and easy. With just your name, email address and password, you can start saving and downloading images. You can also decide whether or not you want to receive special offers and updates from Freeimages. The free account is officially activated via an email verification that is sent instantaneously. After clicking on the link in the email, users can immediately begin browsing and downloading images.

Freeimages does have a smaller collection than other websites. However, it also provides its nearly 400,000 photographs and illustrations at no charge. This makes the website a particularly attractive option to budget-conscious users. Plus, Freeimages makes it easy to access premium stock photos at iStock, which boasts a collection of more than two million files. Accordingly, Freeimages offers a real-world solution for small businesses.

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