Provide high-quality imagery of people interacting with technology for projects.
Place to buy and sell real life photos, royalty-free images and high-quality images. It is set to bring ideas to life with natural looking imagery.

About Getrefe

The Getrefe website features an extensive collection of free images that are suitable for use in a wide range of projects. In fact, customers have access to nearly 700 royalty-free photos that can be used again and again. These images cover an array of subjects from abstract art to travel. Users who need even more variety can explore the additional collection of priced images that can be purchased for a reasonable amount.

What is GetRefe?


Refe is the brainchild of a handful of entrepreneurs in Vilnius, Lithuania. It began operations early in 2014 with the goal of providing excellent-quality, high-resolution images for free or for a reasonable price. Photographers from all around the world are able to submit pictures to be included in the collection. In fact, people who have downloaded images from Refe are often the website's main source for new talent.

A closer review of the website's "Start Selling" page demonstrates what they are looking for in photographers while also providing enlightenment regarding what kinds of images can be found here. Perhaps Refe's most important rule is that they only accept photographs that are "real life" images. This means that they don't accept photographs that don't look natural. Images that are clearly faked or heavily manipulated are rejected. Refe also makes it clear that not every photographer's work is accepted at the website. Instead, the founders will thoroughly review the work before deciding to make a purchase. This means that users, even those who are only utilizing free images, can rest assured that they will only get high-quality stock photos from this website.

Where does its photos come from?


Refe makes available photographs that were taken with smart phones as well as those that were captured with traditional cameras. They do not accept images with a resolution of less than 1920 X 1080 pixels. Accordingly, users always knows that the pictures they choose are suitable for any purpose from artwork for personal use to commercial enterprises.

Refe's founders are interested in helping both individuals and businesses enhance their performance through the use of high-quality images. According to the website, Refe's personnel believe that nothing brings ideas to life like pictures. Thus, their goal is to help others make their dreams a reality. The goal of an image in an advertising campaign or other effort is to get the public's attention, and that's what Refe tries to help people do. They provide images that contain relevant, informative content that genuinely enhances the accompanying text. This often means that the company using these images is able to increase their sales. Refe notes that using images of humans on websites has been shown to increase sales under almost any circumstances. What's more, the staff at Refe firmly believes that pairing a positive image with a good product will steer more customers towards having a positive reaction to a website, thereby increasing sales even more. With the images at Refe, compelling text and an outstanding product or service, gaining new customers should be easier than ever before.

Its features and categories


Refe's easy-to-use website makes it simple to find the free images you need. It's possible to browse all free images at once or to pare them down by category. The "Abstract" collection features a bit of everything. From interesting architectural features to a colorful grouping of Lego blocks, users will find many visually fascinating images. Some show repeating patterns, extreme close-ups of natural features or thought-provoking pictures of people. If you're looking for something that is striking or designed to capture attention, then the "Abstract" category may be the ideal place to look.

The "Business" category has a heavy emphasis on computers and workspaces, as does the related "Technology" collection. Additionally, some images feature an individual or group of people either interacting with each other or with computers, smart phones, tablets and other technological equipment. The "Foodstuff" category is filled with mouth-watering pictures. From rustic root vegetables colorfully arranged in a farmers market to a plate of luscious pancakes, each of these images is designed to delight and inspire. Any restaurant, bakery or other food-related business would probably see a significant increase in business with beautiful photographs like these on their website.

The "Home" category might appeal to bloggers or entrepreneurs who specialize in making residences cozy, luxurious and inviting. This is the collection where you can find colorful front doors, adorable shots of canines and a striking collection of books. "Home" also has many interesting holiday-themed photographs, which would be perfect for a company that either uses a Christmas theme throughout the year or likes to change things up as December draws near. The "Lifestyle" collection is particularly diverse. It contains many images that include people, some of which are in urban surroundings while others are set in awe-inspiring natural places. If you need a photo of a guy on a skateboard or a woman doing yoga on a hillside, then this is the category for you.

Refe's "Nature" and "Outdoor" categories go hand-in-hand. Here is where you will find photographs of spectacular cloud formations and lightning strikes as well as rowboats on peaceful lakes. A basket of flowers, a colorful Norwegian neighborhood and a man stargazing are all found within these two extensive collections. The last two categories are "Transport" and "Travel," and once again, these are closely interrelated. Transportation modes from bicycles to subways and trains are found in the "Transport" area. Some of these are abstract while others feature a human subject. "Travel" is quite similar, utilizing people and some of the world's most well-known spots to evoke a spirit of adventure. From stark, natural landscapes to urban skylines, there is something for every project or website in this Refe category.

Image Collection


Most of Refe's images are free to be used as many times as users like. Still, it's always a good idea to offer attribution that shows who originally created the image. Refe's free image collection is particularly extensive. However, users can gain access to even more photographs for a nominal fee. Refe's pack collections may also make sense for business people who don't mind paying a small fee for 10 new images every month.

Using the website makes a great deal of sense for the cost-conscious person who nonetheless wants particularly high-quality images for their website or other projects.

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