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Getty Images collect stock photos for consumers and business. Here are archived images, illustrations, music and film footage in reach library

About Getty Images


Getty Images is one of the most well-known media archives on the planet. Their impressive, extensive collection includes stock photos, videos and music. Thanks to the depth and quality of their selection, they are the archive of choice for many of the world's biggest companies, including major news organizations. Recognizing that companies of all sizes and even individuals would like to have access to their superlative collection, Getty Images offers several flexible subscription options.



Getty Images provides services for one-time purchasers and for those whose need for stock photography is limited through their related iStock website. On the Getty Images main website, users can choose between two types of subscriptions. Premium Access grants the ability to use superb content that includes both creative and editorial images as well as videos and music. This subscription plan is highly customizable depending upon the needs of the individual customer. Those who do not yet have a subscription are encouraged to call Getty Images at 1-877-759-3772 to have a plan customized for them.

Customers can also choose Editorial Subscriptions, which provide access to an unlimited number of stills and videos that will be used solely for editorial purposes. Once again, Getty asks that potential customers call their toll-free phone number to have a subscription tailored to meet their unique needs.

Many people are also interested in Getty's UltraPacks. These package deals give customers a chance to stock up at substantial discounts. The larger the pack that is purchased, the more affordable the "per asset" price is. Most customers choose the five, 10, 15 or 25 asset packs. However, larger packs may be available by calling Getty. Licensing on the packs is straightforward. Users are fully indemnified by the license, and there are no limits on print runs. Perhaps most attractive of all is the ability to access Getty's extensive library of royalty free images as well as most of its editorial content. UltraPacks do not expire, so customers could conceivably buy at lower prices today and then still be downloading from that pack years from now.

UltraPacks come with a number of benefits for customers. However, Getty is prepared to offer a full menu of services to each client regardless of what kind of subscription or UltraPack they choose. One especially helpful perk of working with Getty is the Media Manager where customers can keep, administer and share all digital assets in a secure cloud. This cloud storage makes it possible for users to access their licensed content from any Internet-enabled device anywhere in the world. It's the perfect opportunity for busy entrepreneurs to make the most of their Getty Images subscription.

Where does Getty Images Get its Photos?


Customers also gain access to the Getty Images Assignment service. Getty employs a number of experienced, well-known photographers all over the world who are ready and willing to accept a broad range of assignments. In addition, Getty also has production teams and studios located in various places to support the work of photographers and videographers. Alternatively, customers can utilize Getty Images Reportage to commission a photojournalism project to go with an in-depth feature.

Getty employs a large number of industry experts who know pretty nearly everything about licensing and clearance. They are prepared to help customers figure out which images and videos are available for use without royalty. Moreover, they provide necessary assistance when it comes to obtaining permission to use an image or clip that isn't already in their library. This gives Getty's customers tremendous peace of mind. They always know that there won't be any nasty legal surprises lurking in their use of media from Getty.

Getty Images additionally boasts an app that media and creative professionals all over the world rely on. More than 60 million images are available through the app. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to search for just the right images, and the "Boards" function can be used to collaborate with colleagues or clients no matter where they are.



Getty Images features two main categories of photos: creative and editorial. The website's pre-set subcategories go beyond the traditional naming conventions with labels like Vanguardians, Momentous Milestones, Lean In and Adventure Awaits. When a user clicks on any of these subcategories, they receive a series of results. Frequently, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of images in a single subcategory. This makes the "Filter and Sort" feature particularly useful.

"Filter and Sort" includes selections for the orientation of the image, the number of people and the age of the people pictured. The locations tab is especially interesting as it brings up an enormous alphabetical list of locales around the world. Whether an image captured in Utah or the Ukraine is needed, it will probably be available here. "Filter and Sort" also lets users choose the style of the image, meaning a close-up, full frame, portrait, abstract or other style photo may all be available. Users may similarly filter for ethnicity of models in the image and select the work of a particular photographer.

Clicking on an individual image brings up many important details. In addition to disclosing the identity of the photographer, the details also include the type of license included with the image. Each photograph helpfully lists a comprehensive list of keywords. Selecting one of these keywords brings up all images that have been tagged with the same keyword. Users can choose the size of the image they purchase. Most are available in sizes from extra small to large. Clicking on each available size discloses information regarding the pixels and dots per inch size of the image. Most extra small size images are $50 or less while large or extra-large images are about $575. Purchasing an UltraPack brings the price of large images down by $100 each.

Most of the images available at Getty are available with a standard license. However, some images are rights-managed. This means that these photos come with restrictions on how they are used. Sometimes, this means that there are limitations regarding where and for how long that image can be used. If customers select one of these images, it's necessary to contact Getty directly to describe the intended use. Personalized pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis for using these photos once use is approved.

Getty Images is one of the most well-known photography and footage companies in the world. Their comprehensive menu of services and archive of millions of high-quality images make them a popular choice for large companies. While their pricing schedules may not appeal to most individuals and small business owners, it's worth contacting Getty for individualized pricing plans that would allow access to this impressive collection.

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