The Best Domain Name Generator Ever
Impossibility is a fast domain generator which is great in finding domains

About Impossibility


Impossibility is one of the most creative and easy-to-use domain name generators on the web today. Simply by entering a keyword and a few other factors, users can quickly browse through available domain names, which brings their new business one step closer to Internet reality.

Domain names are incredibly important to the success of your business. In fact, it's critical for your website to have an easy-to-remember address that will help customers find you again and again. This is one of the things that makes Impossibility so useful. It generates a list of available domain names, each of which is short and snappy. Best of all, the results are real domains that simply say instead of being the free Web hosting site or ISP alternative that has URLs like www.yourfreewebhosting

Purchasing your own domain lends an air of credibility to your operation. The fact that you're not using an ISP or a free Web hosting service shows that you're in it for the long haul. Customers tend to trust companies that own their domain more than they do an organization that just seems like it's borrowing it for a while. If you really want customers to spend their money at your website and keep coming back for more, then securing a domain is essential.

Of course, you first have to decide what to name your domain. That's where Impossibility enters the picture. Impossibility allows people to forego the agonizing process of coming up with a list of possible domain names, and then having to search each one individually only to discover that they are already taken. It's a frustrating and time-consuming exercise.

Impossibility was created by developer John Forsythe. It includes the not exactly humble tagline, "The Best Domain Name Generator Ever." Those are tough words to live up to, but Impossibility doesn't do a bad job. The user inputs a keyword, then the domain generator pairs it with adjectives, verbs or nouns.

For instance, a customer could enter the keyword "ballet" and specify that adjectives should be added to the beginning of the word. Impossibility allows users to choose four, five or six letter adjectives, nouns or verbs to the beginning or end of the keyword.

In the above example using the keyword ballet, Impossibility generated dozens of unregistered domains. The search specified four-letter adjectives added to the beginning of the keyword. Some results are not particularly valid. "" and "" are likely to remain unregistered for the foreseeable future. Other results like "" and "" have better potential. Simply switching the adjective to the end of the keyword elicits results like "" and "," among others, which have interesting possibilities. Users can also switch to longer words or different types of words like verbs or nouns to generate even more unregistered domains.

Before using Impossibility, it's important for people to know that they cannot use more than one keyword or enter a keyword that has a space in the middle. Keywords like "dog groomer" return an error message that specifies the use of letters and numbers only in keywords. Spaces, dashes and other special characters are not allowed. Changing the keyword to "groomer" brought up several intriguing results like "," "" and "" among others.

If you don't like the initial set of search results, then you can click on the "get more" link found at the bottom of each page. Most searches seem to return literally dozens of possibilities, making it easy to find the right one for you. Some of the possibilities can be dismissed outright, but others are definitely worth careful consideration. As the developer states, the emphasis here is on quality, which is why the adjectives, nouns and verbs that are paired with keywords are selected with plenty of forethought.

Clicking on the desired domain in the list of search results takes the user directly to either Go Daddy or Namecheap to register their choice. Alternatively, users could find the perfect domain for their business and then use a different provider for registry and hosting.

It's important for users to know that Impossibility only searches for .com domains. This means that the search results will never contain .net, .org, .biz., .tv or other suffixes. If a user is determined to use one of these alternative extensions, then it may be necessary to use another domain name generator.

When a customer enters their keyword and specifies what type of word it should be combined with, the program immediately checks thousands of domains for availability. Impossibility relies upon several servers in order to speed up the process. Right now, the website makes use of six lookup servers in five distinct data centers to generate results. This may be expanded as demand grows.

Impossibility not only suggests available domain names, but also offers users special deals. John Forsythe was able to craft special prices with various hosting companies and domain registrars that he regularly works with. The deal with Go Daddy is particularly attractive. Impossibility users can get a basic web hosting package for just one dollar per month for the first year. The domain is also free with this deal. Customers who need more bandwidth can upgrade to unlimited bandwidth and disk space for the reasonable price of $1.67 per month. This deal also nets customers $200 in marketing credits.

Does Impossibility live up to its claim of being the "best domain name generator ever?" It certainly comes close. Its word combinations are not as outlandish as those that are often provided by competing generators. Additionally, it's nice to not only be able to choose from among adjectives, verbs and nouns, but also from four, five or six letter words. Forsythe has also thrown in an "Anything" filter that returns words with all lengths and types. This wild card search just might be the most valuable of all.

As good as Impossibility is, it could use some improvement. The look of the website is pretty bare bones. However, since users are unlikely to spend countless hours there, this may not be much of a drawback. The website might also benefit from partnering with domain registrars in addition to Go Daddy and Namecheap.

Impossibility is a great domain name generator that can give users many creative ideas. Moreover, the site makes it easy to register domain names and find inexpensive web hosting deals. This makes Impossibility one of the best domain name generators.