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About iStockPhoto

iStock Photo


iStock Photo offers an affordable, comprehensive collection that could benefit individual and corporate clients alike. The website provides customers with the opportunity to shop on an image-by-image basis or to save some money with a subscription. With photographic images ranging from pets to landmarks, users will find everything they need to punch up a presentation, make a website livelier or draw the eyes of consumers in an advertising campaign.

iStock is produced and curated by Getty Images, one of the largest and most well-known media databases. Whereas Getty Images is designed to appeal mainly to large corporate clients, iStock is geared toward smaller customers. That means more affordable prices and more flexible options. Accordingly, individuals and small business owners who are attracted to the Getty name may find that iStock is right up their alley.

While iStock may offer more affordability than Getty, it sacrifices nothing in quality. Each high-resolution image is thoughtfully composed and professionally produced. Many talented photographers from around the world are constantly adding to the collection to enhance the millions of images that are available.

Where iStock came from

The website first came online in 2000 and was created to launch an industry of crowd-sourced stock photos and footage. By working with talented photographers and designers, iStock has been able to build a reputation as an excellent resource for royalty-free images. While the company started with just six team members, they have grown to include several hundred employees and they count more than 160,000 contributors around the world in their numbers. With such a diverse stable of creative professionals, it's easy to see why iStock is able to maintain the depth and breadth of their collection.

Additionally, customers can gain access to stock illustrations and video clips through iStock. The illustrations cover a wide range of subject matters like weddings, coffee, fashion and social media. Customers can browse styles like retro line art, patterns and silhouettes. From simple icons to complex infographics, the illustrations category is especially dense. Stock video clips cover subject matter such as food, travel, sports, technology and animals. These royalty-free clips are HD-video quality and are suitable for use as B-roll or stock footage. Any of the clips at iStock might be the perfect enhancement to a website or video presentation.

How much is iStock?

People who aren't certain how much they will rely on iStock for supplying images and footage often begin by paying per download. This is accomplished through the purchase of iStock credits, which then function like currency at the website. A single credit costs $12 to purchase. Credit packs start at packages of three, which cost $33 and represent a savings of eight percent. The largest credit pack features 300 credits for $2,400, translating to a savings of 33 percent. Customers who prefer a larger credit pack must contact iStock directly at 1-866-478-6251.

iStock divides their images into an "Essentials" collection and a "Signature" collection. One credit is enough to purchase one image from the Essentials collection. Three credits can buy three Essentials images or one Signature image. A person who buys six credits also gains access to the website's Essentials video clips while a minimum of 18 credits is required for a Signature video clip. The more credits a user buys, the greater and more flexible their download options become.

However, the best savings and greatest flexibility are reserved for those who choose to buy a subscription. Customers choose a subscription term and how many images they would like to download. No daily limits are imposed on subscriptions. Terms of one month and one year are available. One-month subscriptions can include 10, 25, 50, 100 or 250 downloads per month. Subscribers must also choose whether they want to utilize the Essentials or Signature Collection. A one-month subscription that includes 10 images per month from the Essentials collection costs approximately $40 while a subscription of the same term and size from the Signature collection costs $99.

One-year subscriptions are available for either 50, 100 or 750 images per month. An Essentials level, year-long subscription costs $90 per month for 50 images, while the similar Signature subscription costs $199 each month.

Navigating through iStock


Searching for specific subject matters at iStock is simple. The main page of the website has a search bar where users can enter keywords and select to search photographs, illustrations or videos. The search results page defaults to showing all images that match the entered keyword or keywords. Selection buttons are included at the top of the screen that are labeled "All," "Essentials" and "Signature." Accordingly, users can easily filter for the subscription they already have or can select Essentials for the lowest priced images or Signature for the best quality images. Typically, the Signature collection features more images than the Essentials collection. In some categories, there are hundreds or even thousands of choices in each collection. However, the balance between Essentials and Signature is not always so precise. The keyword-appropriate selection for the Essentials collection in some categories is noticeably much smaller than those in the Signature collection. This may mean that the Signature subscription is the way to go for choosier customers.

iStock provides additional filters on the left-hand side of the search results. Users can sort by the best match to their keywords, the newest images or the most popular ones. They may also choose either creative or editorial licenses. Customers can decide to exclude people from their selected images and can also designate whether a landscape, portrait or square composition is right for their project. Selecting for overall color and tone makes it easy to produce coordinated projects. Users can also opt for a particular pixel size.

The filter options at iStock Photo are not as numerous and robust as they are at other, more expensive image collections. Nonetheless, they are likely sufficient to satisfy most users. The filters are easy to apply and delete, making it simple for customers to experiment and find the right image for their particular project.

Everything that is downloaded from iStock includes the company's standard license, which enables customers to use images and other media in an enormous number of endeavors. Moreover, the license comes with a $10,000 legal guarantee. It is additionally possible to add an extended license that empowers the client to use the downloaded content inadditional ways, such as if they need to make more than 500,000 printed copies or plan to make physical products for resale.


An increasing number of entrepreneurs is discovering the excellent collection at iStock Photo. With flexible buying options and a diverse collection of images, illustrations and videos, most users will find exactly what they need here.

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