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Namemesh is domain name generator which allows finding name for product, app or company

About Namemesh


NameMesh is a fun tool that is designed to generate creative business and domain names for entrepreneurs. This domain name generator came into being because one of the hardest parts of starting a new company is finding the right name. Ideally, the name would be unique, distinctive and original as well as being readily available for registration as a domain name.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for most entrepreneurs to come up with a name that captures all of those facets, and that is what makes a free name generator like NameMesh so incredibly valuable. Simply by entering a few keywords into a search bar, users can receive a list of dozens of name possibilities, and all of them are available for registration as domains.

When people visit NameMesh and enter keywords into the search bar, the tool uses several different generators to produce results. These results are divided into eight major categories. The first of these is the "Common" category, in which results for the most popular top level domains are found. This includes extensions like .com, .org and .net. As a bonus, this category also searches for hyphenated versions of the selected keywords.

The "Similar" category provides results that are related to but not necessarily identical to the submitted keywords. Suggestions may come from the thesaurus, collocations or n-grams. With a database of more than six million words to comb through, this category often produces promising possibilities. Users may enter special characters like * and ? to customize their results. Usage of the asterisk ensures that the word that precedes the mark will appear precisely as entered in the domain name. Entering question marks allows the search engine to look for a dictionary word with the same number of letters. For instance, entering "???" will yield three letter words and putting in "????" will provide four-letter search results.

In the "New" category, users find results that rely on the latest generic top level domains. Intriguing extensions in this category might include .guru, .today, .rocks, .company, .solutions and .tips. With these new, imaginative generic top level domains, it's easier than ever before for entrepreneurs to find a domain name that works for them.

Users may rely on the "SEO" category to find domain names that utilize the keywords as submitted, but then add elements to serve the purposes of SEO. These added elements may include short prefixes, dictionary prefixes and suffixes and derived words. Prefixes and suffixes may involve words like the, my, top, best, best of, insta and hot among many others.

Looking at the results in the "Short" category is a bit like playing an entertaining word game. This tool generates short, memorable names that overlap the entered keywords with the top level domain. As an example, results in this category for the keywords "pet supplies" included, and These possibilities may be particularly interesting to entrepreneurs who make use of Twitter and other micro blogging sites.

The "Fun" category generates some memorable results that entrepreneurs may find appealing. NameMesh uses several different techniques to modify the entered keywords to arrive at new and unexpected results. Often, these domain names are highly brandable. The top results are often merged portmanteaus, which may also be referred to as the meshing or blending of words. Misspellings, overlapping, phonetic variations and acronyms may all be utilized. For instance, entering the keywords perfect, pet and supplies yielded results like, and, among many others.

The "Extra" category takes a closer look at possible domain names that take advantage of other top level domains like .co, .io, .name and .me. Using the "perfect pet supplies" keywords brought about results that included extensions like .asia, .us, .biz,.it and .ly.

In the "Mix" category, customers will find a broad range of creative possibilities. Mainly, this category uses simple portmanteaus or commonly used prefixes and suffixes to come up with unique domain names. The perfect pet supplies search provided suggestions like perfectpetsuppliesaholic, and

On the search results page, users will find several filters to help guide their search. They can select to hide all registered domains and decide whether to include or exclude popular extensions like .com and .net. It's also possible to set the maximum length of the domain name. Finally, users can also specify which registry service they would like to use if they find a domain they plan to purchase. Many of the well-known domain registry services are represented here. GoDaddy, BlueHost, 1and1 and others are all available. Customers who create a NameMesh account can click on the star next to preferred domain names so they can be saved to a list of favorites.

NameMesh offers more robust searching capabilities than many other domain name generators. Unlike several of its competitors, it is not limited to only searching one or two top level domains. NameMesh also provides more opportunities to arrive at a unique business and domain name. This is particularly important to an entrepreneur who is anxious to distinguish their company from the competition.

It's also an advantage that NameMesh provides direct access to so many different registry services. It would be nicer still if the developers had crafted deals with some of these registries to offer discounts to NameMesh customers. Perhaps that is something that is coming in the future. For now, NameMesh remains a solid choice for business owners who are on the lookout for a fresh, brandable domain name.