New Old Stock

New Old Stock

Vintage photos from the public archive
Find historical and vintage photos from great archive, without copyright restriction. Perfect combination of vintage photographs.

About New Old Stock


Sometimes, a vintage photograph is the perfect accompaniment to a modern message on a website or blog. When that's the case, then New Old Stock is certainly an excellent resource. Users have access to hundreds of free images that can lend an air of old-world charm to even the most cutting-edge project.

The Creation of New Old Stock


New Old Stock was created and is curated by Boston-area designer Cole Townsend. He works at thoughtbot where he designs websites and apps that successfully blend aesthetics and functionality. Other projects that Townsend has taken part in include Meeet, where users can find a digital side project to get involved in or try to locate a partner to help get a new project off the ground.

However, it seems that the collection at New Old Stock might be where Townsend's passion lies. He has amassed a compilation of incredible photographs which span the decades from the earliest images captured with photographic equipment through the presidency of George W. Bush. The assortment includes a tolerably large variety of subject matter, which means that a wide selection of users may find something to enhance their website or blog here.

Copyright of Images


On the website, Townsend makes it clear that all images presented are within the public domain to the best of his knowledge. When a photograph is in the public domain, it means that it is not restricted by copyright. Accordingly, no license or fee is required in order to use the image. An item, such as a picture, may enter the public domain when its copyright expires or when its creator dedicates the work to the public domain. Many of the images presented at New Old Stock are fairly old, which makes it easy to assume that their copyrights have simply expired. Townsend does not clearly state how newer images have already entered the public domain. They may have been dedicated to the public domain by the photographer, but if customers want to use a newer image that is presented on the website, then it may make sense to try to find an attribution just in case.

Townsend cautions that the photos are at least available for personal, non-commercial use, but the probable lack of copyright ensures that images can likely be used for any and all purposes. No fees are charged for copying and downloading images. However, Townsend also provides pro photo packs that have been cropped, edited and curated for immediate use. Each pack includes between 20 and 50 photographs with free updates being provided on an ongoing basis. The packs include themes like "Modern Tech Support," "Constructive Geometries," "Americana" and "All Too Human." Users download the packs they want in zip files, and all photographs are jpeg images.

New Old Stock Collection


The majority of the New Old Stock collection is available for free. Townsend has not categorized the images in any particular way, which can make it difficult to find a certain subject matter or time period. This is especially unfortunate because Townsend has made such a wide variety of images available.

As with many image collections, this one has a heavy emphasis on transportation. Boats in choppy seas, old-fashioned automobiles, quaint buggies and trains are just a few examples. While some photographs are almost stark in their simplicity, like a shot of empty train tracks, others depict bustling city streets with plenty of human subjects. Townsend also features pictures from a 1929 road race that are particularly appealing.

Townsend's collection takes users from these early transportation innovations to man's exploration of outer space. One particularly effective shot shows Walter M. Schirra, Jr., an astronaut and the commander of the Apollo 7 mission, in the midst of an October 1968 mission. Others show the launch of the Apollo 14 mission, Mission Control as it existed during Apollo 10 and a scene from New York City's ticker tape parade for Apollo 11.

Selected celebrity photographs are also available through New Old Stock. Perhaps the most notable images are those that capture The Beatles playing a show in Belfast in 1964. Several early images of the Rolling Stones are also included. This part of the collection features pictures of the fan frenzy that surrounded the group on many of their tour dates. A candid shot of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the march in Montgomery is similarly notable.

Townsend has amassed an interesting assortment of vintage pictures of Ireland as well. One shows Dublin's Main Street, perhaps taken at or near the turn of the 20th century. Others capture the façade of the Committee Rooms in Waterford, town squares in County Galway and County Wicklow, the fascinating basalt columns of the Giant's Causeway and a beautifully rustic road in County Kerry. Other locales around the world are also highlighted, some of which feature unique architectural elements like the House De Waal in Utrecht.

The collection at New Old Stock features many other images that show interesting aspects of world history. For good measure, Townsend has included a number of vintage advertisements and excerpts from old books. Most of these have visually appealing artwork to go along with charming text. Several old maps are also available, and these might provide the ideal background for many travel websites and blogs.

New Old Stock is a low-cost means of adding some wonderful vintage artwork to your website or other venture. All images are believed to not be under copyright, which means that they are free to use, probably without even offering attribution. If you're crafting a retro look for your artwork or business, then this collection is a treasure trove.

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