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Notifier is useful tool which can find all people or brands mentioned in blog posts.

About Notifier


Building a meaningful presence on social media takes time and effort. Of course, great content is also required. None of this happens in a vacuum. It's also essential to build a community with other people and businesses that have the same or at least similar interests.

When someone writes an article or blog post for their website, they might mention a number of other professionals or experts who helped to shape the work. When the article gets published on the website, it's only natural that the author would want to let everyone who is mentioned in the post know about it. The trouble is that it's enormously time consuming to notify each and every individual who might be interested.

That is what makes Notifier by Content Marketing such a powerful tool. Notifier makes it possible for bloggers and website owners to connect to influencers in a meaningful way. That's especially important in the digital world because studies have shown that people tend to trust other individuals much more than they do advertisements. Accordingly, if a blogger or author can get a major influencer to read and comment on something they have posted, it can really boost the profile of the author.

Notifier lets someone who just posted a great piece of content easily tell others about it. Mainly, it allows the author to inform experts in the same field that they were just mentioned somewhere online, and that they may want to check it out. If that influencer goes to the website, reads the content and then shares it with their followers, the website could easily see double, triple or quadruple the traffic overnight. With just a few shares by important influencers, it may be possible for someone to establish themselves as an expert in a certain area. Who knows what kind of advantages may arise from that kind of exposure?

To get the most out of Notifier, users simply copy and paste the URL of their content into the search bar at the Notifier website. The software scans for all of the Twitter handles in the content, stripping them out and storing them. Notifier then automatically creates a tweet that tells the influencer about the mention. The app automatically formats the tweet with a default message, but this can be personalized by the user. Clicking "send" enables the user to choose between immediately sending the tweet or scheduling it through Buffer.

Content marketers who have used Notifier note that it's the easiest way to ensure that any content reaches the maximum potential audience. Others say that they have achieved a 174 percent increase in website traffic in a one-month period while still others saw double the engagement with their content without having to spend hours manually telling people about the post.

The Notifier service costs less than $10 per month. For that price, users get the functionality to scan posts and do outreach. They also have the capability to schedule tweets with Buffer and choose the number of mentions per tweet. In other words, users can select whether several influencers are notified with a single tweet or if each influencer receives an individual tweet. The price also includes the ability to include other Twitter users. There is a limit of 10 tweets per campaign.

Content Marketing does not offer a free trial period with Notifier. However, it is possible to cancel the monthly subscription at any time. Users who decide to purchase both the Notifier and the Connector tool may get a break on the price. Connector is an app for sending professional, high-quality outreach emails. The polished templates are certain to get noticed. With the abilities to schedule when the emails are sent and to provide automatic follow ups, it's easy to see how Connector and Notifier could work together to keep influencers, customers and potential customers in the loop.

In the online world, no one exists in a vacuum. It is crucial to build relationships with others who work in the same industry as well as those who work in related fields. If you want to establish yourself as an expert, then it's vital to find ways to connect with others who are already influencers in the industry. Getting noticed with that kind of high-profile professional isn't easy, and that's why you need an efficient tool like Notifier.

Notifier's modest monthly cost makes this service seem extremely well worthwhile to websites that are trying to get established. Of course, even after a website has proven itself as a leader in its field, it must find ways to remain relevant and competitive. It isn't easy to stay ahead of the competition, but Notifier removes one of the obstacles by making it simpler to start, build and maintain relationships. By fostering personal connections, Notifier can help an entrepreneur get noticed and make a name for themselves online.

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