Pablo 2.0

Pablo 2.0

Create Beautiful Images that Fit All Social Networks Perfectly
Pablo 2.0 allows creating images in all sizes and their sharing on social networks

About Pablo 2.0

Pablo 2.0

Social media posts that include a visual image are far more often liked and shared than those that don't. The trouble is that many people find it difficult to integrate images with text. Even more headache inducing is the fact that all of the social media platforms have different image-size requirements. If you want to post an image to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you have to be prepared to create four different versions of that post. Who has time for that?

That's where Pablo 2.0 enters the picture to solve all of your problems. Pablo is a service that was developed by the people at Buffer. Perhaps you already use the functionality of Buffer to help you time your posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks. If you've used this service, then you know how much easier it can make your life. Now, you can use Pablo to give those posts a stunning visual impact that will get them shared and Retweeted more than ever before.

The people at Buffer were already using images in their own social media messages before the developed Pablo. Statistics told them that the messages that included images were Retweeted approximately 150 percent more than ones that didn't. Clearly, this meant that striking visual imagery might be the key to reaching a larger audience.

Pablo is designed so that someone with only modest Internet skills can create a beautiful post in as little as 30 seconds. At the most basic level, users can select an image, type in the desired text and select which social media platform they are using for publication before they are ready to go. However, Pablo comes with other functionalities that make whatever message you're sending look more attractive or carry a more significant impact.

Developers began with the idea that it is incredibly difficult for users to become familiar with the image size requirements on all of the various social media networks. Considerable time and research must be invested to ensure that an image is properly sized for optimum viewing on any given social media platform. If you want your message to be seen in several different places, then you have to be prepared to re-create the same image multiple times, resulting in a massive loss of time.

Accordingly, Pablo's most basic function is to make the sizing of images automatic. The app makes this incredibly easy by providing a series of icons to the right of a selected image. Each of the three icons represents a different size. One size is tall and vertical, making it perfect for platforms like Google+ and Pinterest. The short and horizontal size is the right selection for users of Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn and Instagram users will want to choose the square size. With a simple click of the mouse, it's possible to shift between the sizes, quickly and easily producing an image that is ideally sized for almost any of the major social networks.

While accurately sizing an image is a piece of cake on Pablo, choosing the right image for your post is another matter. That's simply because there are so many available images. Currently, the collection includes more than 600,000 photographs. Pablo makes this somewhat easier by providing a series of templates. These templates are meant to align with the purpose of your post. for instance, if you want to share an inspirational thought with followers, then you might choose the "Quote" template. If you're advertising the availability of a new product, then the "Announcement" template may be the right selection. Other templates such as "Love," "Outreach" and "Promotion" are also available.

Users select the appropriate template, which essentially guides where their text will be entered as well as providing suggestions for what information should be included in the text. Then, it's necessary to choose a suitable background image. To the left of the "Canvas" that the user is working on is a scroll bar that shows a handful of the images that are available on Pablo. Users can scroll through the images, which may include photographs of the natural world and famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. The interior of a shopping mall, an urban street at night and a picture of a steaming cup of coffee may also appear. The scroll bar shows approximately 30 images at once, and it's possible to scramble the images to get more results or perform a search.

Pablo also enables users to upload their own imagery. This can be especially helpful when you have a specific message to get out to followers. Once again, Pablo eases the process by automatically sizing your images to fit whatever social networks you favor.

Other functionalities include the ability to change the light contrast in the background image and select from various fonts. Once the post is ready, users click the "Share & Download" button. A series of social network names are provided. The user can either send or share the post on the network of their choice or schedule when the post will be published via Buffer.

Pablo's ability to make it easy for anyone to publish visually interesting posts to almost any social media network is what makes it such a powerful tool. When used in conjunction with Buffer's scheduling capabilities, it is easier than ever before for people and companies to use social media to reach an enormous audience.

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