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Carefully curated submissions of landscapes and beautiful sceneries make it ideal for users who want stunning photos

About Picography

 Picography.co boasts a small, carefully curated selection of photographs. These images would be stunning if used for the background of a website or blog, and they would be just as effective on an array of marketing materials. The collection is not exceptionally broad. Nonetheless, with all of the photographs being free to use by anyone in any fashion, this may be an especially rich resource for the sole proprietor or the casual blogger.

How Does Picography Work?


The Picography website is owned and maintained by a web design firm called Hidden Depth. With headquarters in Dublin, the staff at Hidden Depth has traveled the world in service to their customers. Hidden Depth has a long-held reputation for crafting creative, one-of-a-kind websites as well as providing full branding services. This makes it possible for their clients to present a polished, streamlined and consistent message to their customers.

The management and staff at Hidden Depth are virtually all avid photographers. While much of their photography work is done for the sake of client websites that are in development, the professionals at this web design firm also take pictures for fun. A few years ago, they decided that they would share some of their images with the world, and Picography was born. The founders wanted to make all of the images on the website free to use, without strings or complications of any kind. They remain true to that principle today. Users can quickly and easily download any of the stunning pictures on the website anytime they like.

Image Collection


With a collection that hovers around 300 images, Picography's collection is neither particularly broad nor deep. Search functions on the website are extremely limited. However, because the user does not have to slog through thousands or even millions of images, this isn't too much of a hardship. It's a genuine pleasure to browse through the elegant, carefully composed shots that have been collected here. Users get the sense that Picography isn't meant to be all things to all people. Instead, it is crafted to appeal to those who want to create a website, blog or other project that is authentic and wholly their own.

Navigating Through Picography


Using Picography is exceptionally simple. On the homepage, visitors are immediately presented with the first page of free photographs. Currently, the collection fills six pages. A search box is available at the top of the screen. Users can search for a keyword like "trees" or "landmark" to filter the collection for results that will likely meet their needs.

Hovering over each image provides the title of the photograph and the name of the artist. If a user is particularly drawn to the work of one contributor, then they may put the photographer's surname into the search box to see all of their work. Many of the contributors are employed by Hidden Depth. However, Picography also accepts photographs from anyone who cares to submit one. True to their principles, each submission is reviewed before it is accepted or rejected, maintaining the high quality of the images that is available on the website.

Clicking on one of the photographs brings up a larger version of the image. The title of the picture and the contributor's name are found on this screen as well as a search box. Users only need to click on the "Download" button to use one of the photographs. The file is downloaded as a JPEG, which can be used in any manner the visitor prefers.

The guiding principle behind Picography is that it provides a simple, no-strings-attached method of getting great images without having to jump through hoops or pay an arm and a leg. This means that it is likely permissible to use these images without giving credit. Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile to credit the photographer in any images that are used, especially since this information is readily available at the Picography website.

Photo Subjects


The small, carefully curated collection consists mainly of landmarks and outdoor landscapes. Diverse subjects like a subway station in New York City, the Bohernabreena Waterworks near Dublin and the Vatican in Rome are all apt examples. Visitors will also find crisp shots of trees and flowers as well as photographs that include incidental human subjects. Several images depict well-known statues or famous works of graffiti art. Picography also has useful images of scooters, cars and bicycles for visitors who are looking for transportation-related pictures. Food, drinks and natural landscapes are similarly well represented. Those who are looking for photos of wild and domesticated animals also may find just what they are looking for at this site.

The collection at the Picography website may not be among the largest and most diverse on the Internet, but it provides an exceptional service by focusing on what it does best. By carefully curating all submissions, administrators ensure that users will always find high quality shots that will be striking regardless of how they are used. Picography also gets points for making the process of downloading and using stock photos so incredibly simple.

Picography may not be able to satisfy all of the needs of a large corporation that needs thousands of images every month, but it may be the place that company goes to when it needs something really spectacular. For the sole proprietor or the art lover, Picography is an absolute goldmine.

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