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Quuu connects with Buffer queue, sending hand curated suggestions for categories of interest and saves time to finding right content

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There's a reason why respected publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. have all recommended Quuu to their readers. Quuu is an amazing tool that helps you locate quality, curated content and distribute it to all of your social media channels. Best of all, it allows you to do this in just a fraction of the time it would take you to do the same thing manually.

As entrepreneurs and marketers work toward building a strong social media platform, they can spend endless hours locating curated content. Quuu saves them an extraordinary amount of time. Unlike similar apps that rely on machines or programs to select curated content, Quuu relies on humans to choose just the right posts.

The process begins when the user chooses the categories of content that best fit in with what their audience wants to see. The people at Quuu send content right to the user's Buffer account. At Buffer, the user can manage the content from Quuu along with all other content, which means that they can control everything from one dashboard.

Quuu's founder, Daniel Kempe, got the idea for the service as he was trying to identify gaps in existing social media services. His approach was to find a problem that needed to be solved. With Buffer announcing that they would no longer be giving "content suggestions," Kempe saw an opportunity to provide support to Buffer's customers.

Working with developer Mubashar Iqbal, Kempe was able to present the first version of Quuu to the world. Within just the first few weeks, Quuu had attracted hundreds of users. Each of those customers, and the thousands of others who have since signed up for the app, has been able to increase their targeted social following by exponential amounts thanks to the service's content suggestions. At the same time, Kempe notes that he's been able to help authors share their great content with a larger audience.


Quuu works because it allows users to reach more people without working so hard. It does this by partnering with Buffer. Consider this scenario: You write an incredible blog post or article for your website. You share it to your favored social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The favorites, likes and retweets pour in for a few hours, but it's all over by the next morning. Yesterday's fantastic content is now gathering dust, and the marketer is faced with the challenge of coming up with even more spectacular content today to keep their audience engaged.

Whether you're writing the content yourself or are looking for a related article that your audience will love, you've got to spend hours putting it together and then distributing it on the various social media platforms. Luckily, that's where Quuu comes in. The people at Quuu do the tough work of finding great content, and then push it through to your Buffer account where you can make certain it gets distributed in the way you prefer.

Quuu also helps with unique content that you write yourself, ensuring that articles get shared with social media accounts across the globe. A few seconds of copying and pasting the article's URL into the Quuu website and then adding a few hashtags and usernames is all it takes to keep all of your social media channels hopping.

It can be virtually impossible for entrepreneurs and small business owners to keep their social feeds active while also trying to get a viable business off the ground. Once a day posting on Instagram or Pinterest may be sufficient for building a following, but other platforms require more activity. If you're trying to develop a following on Twitter or Facebook, then you'll certainly need more volume.

Quuu is one of the best and most efficient ways that you can buff up your social media feeds. Perhaps you'll spend your time generating your own unique content for your website that will also be shared over your various social media channels. Then, you can use the content that Quuu finds for you to increase the number of people you reach. By sharing quality third-party content, you'll be showing your audience that you understand their needs and interests, and they'll be more likely to see you as an authority in your field.

Here's a basic rundown on how Quuu works. A user signs up for an account, then gets to choose categories that fit their area of interest. Quuu has about 40 categories right now, but the team is working on adding more all the time. The service actually works in conjunction with a related service called Quuu Promote. Writers pay a fee to submit their best articles to Quuu Promote. These articles are then passed on to Quuu where they are placed in a certain category. Then, Quuu pushes relevant articles to Buffer for users who have signed up for their services. The categories include everything from fishing and wedding planning to time management and productivity. With categories related to law marketing, health care and motivation, it's easy to see that there's something for everyone here.

Each article that is submitted to Quuu Promote is meticulously reviewed by Quuu staff before being distributed. This is why Quuu touts itself as the service that provides hand-picked content. Instead of relying on an algorithm or software program to choose the right article, there's an actual human being who is hard at work ensuring that Quuu's members get precisely the kind of content they want. If the Quuu user finds an article in their Buffer account that they'd rather not use, they only have to edit it out of their list in Buffer.

Speaking of Buffer, it's essential to have an account with this service before signing up for Quuu. The first place the Quuu website takes you when you click on the "Get Started Now" button is a page where you can immediately connect to Buffer. Once connected, you'll be able to select relevant categories. Approximately 24 hours is required before links start generating. It may be necessary to coordinate your allowed number of Buffer posts with the number of posts in Quuu. For instance, if Buffer allows you to schedule 10 posts at a time, then it's sensible to set your preferences for a similar number in Quuu. Quuu and Buffer work together to determine precisely when it makes sense to post each article to your social media feeds.

Quuu has "Free Forever" pricing for individuals who are just starting out and have a minimal social media presence that they are hoping to grow over time. Free memberships include hand-curated content and allow up to two posts per day. Up to five different categories can be selected with this membership. Users who refer friends to Quuu may be able to earn more posts.


Alternatively, users can select a $10 per month membership. This service permits up to 10 posts every day, plus users have unlimited access to Quuu's categories. Members at this level will also receive the Quuu Daily Review email.

Of course, to use Quuu, it is first necessary to have a Buffer account. Buffer has a free membership that includes one social media account per platform and permits 10 scheduled posts for each profile. Networks included are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Buffer also has several options when it comes to paid memberships. These allow multiple social accounts per each platform and provide a great deal more bandwidth as far as the number of posts that may be scheduled per profile.

Quuu and Quuu Promote can be amazing tools for entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing professionals. With Quuu Promote, companies can ensure that their amazing content gets the larger audience it deserves. At the same time, the company can use Quuu to locate third-party content that compliments their message and brand.

Previously, entrepreneurs and marketers had to spend endless hours just looking for content to post to their social media feeds. Those searches sometimes proved fruitless, which means that the company's social media feeds went silent. That never has to happen again with the combined services of Quuu and Buffer. Quuu's hand-picked content is certain to please users and their audiences with timely, well-written content that is more likely to engage, generate likes and get retweeted.

Quuu's services are undeniably affordable. Even a company with the smallest of marketing budgets will probably be able to make it work. Given that Quuu is bound to get your company's social media feeds noticed, it is definitely worth the minimal expense.

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