SiteGround Review 2018

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Last Updated: Jan 12th 2017.

When looking for a WordPress hosting company, you have a great number of choices. There seems to be a new host popping up once a week, in fact. The problem with all of these choices is that not all of them are actually good choices, and most of these companies come and go rather quickly.

SiteGround is one company that stands out from the crowd, and it has been on the scene since 2004, and in the more than a decade that the company has been hosting, it has become one of the leading web hosts on the market. The following SiteGround review will give you an overview of the company, their services, and packages, all of which are backed up by independent research.

About SiteGround

Though SiteGround is relatively new when compared to other hosting companies out there, the company has quickly built a reputation, and according to Google Trends, the company has gained a huge interest worldwide. SiteGround powers more than 450,000 worldwide domain names, and the company has data centers in Singapore, Chicago, Amsterdam, and London.

SiteGround makes a number of claims including exceptional speed, 100% up-time, and instant customer service when using its phone or chat feature. Even when a customer uses the online reporting feature, SiteGround claims the first response will appear in 10 minutes or less.

The company offers three different hosting options, so something for everyone, and offers free perks with these options including a free domain.

To really get into the benefits, features and packages of SiteGround, we actually used it, tested it as the average user, and the information we gathered is laid out below:

SiteGround Is Our Winner

After 5 different tests SiteGround was our top performing WordPress hosting company with our ‘will it scale’ test securing the win. 

SiteGround Plans and Pricing


One thing that sets SiteGround apart from others is their wide range of plans. There truly is something for everyone when choosing SiteGround from the person who is just starting their blog or small business to companies that have hundreds of thousands of views each month. The packages are divided into three main categories: shared web hosting, cloud web hosting and dedicated servers. The company also offers custom packages, which are ideal for those who require a focused solution to their hosting needs.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

SiteGround offers three different shared web hosting plans, all of which have different features and pricing, which are current as of January, 2017. The hosting plans cover all types of companies, from small businesses or individuals up to larger corporations.

StartUp Plan – $6.95 USD Per Month

The StartUp Plan is ideal for people and companies that do not have a website but want to create one. This plan will give customers all of the features that are necessary for a start-up site and will support an average size business, personal, or blog site. It is also possible to use the StartUp Plan for small online shops.

Clients of SiteGround might outgrow this plan as their business and website becomes more popular, and if the site gets more than 10,000 unique views each month, it might be time to move to a larger plan.

Some of the main features of the StartUp Plan include:

Some of the main features of the StartUp Plan include:

  • Free Builder Software for the Website
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Transfer and Setup
  • SSH and cPanel Access
  • Free Backup Daily
  • Unlimited Emails, Traffic and DBs
  • CloudFlare CDN is Free
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • 10 GB of web space

GrowBig Plan – $9.95 USD Per Month

For those who are looking to enhance a current website, or simply want to ‘go big or go home,’ the GrowBig Plan from SiteGround is a good option. This plan takes the StartUp Plan and super sizes it with more resources and features. This is a good plan for a website that has heavy traffic or for those who have several average-size websites. This is the most popular SiteGround plan for those who prefer to host several accounts through one account.

Some of the main features of the GrowBig Plan include:

  • Premium Support from Customer Service
  • A Faster Website Due to the SuperCacher Feature
  • Up to 30 Backups of the Website
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • A Year of Free SSL Certificate
  • Premium Joomla and WordPress Services
  • 20 GB of web space

GoGeek Plan – $14.95 USD Per Month

For customers who have a website that has a lot of traffic, such as more than 100,000 visits per month, or those who have a website that is resource-intensive, the GoGeek Plan is the best option. The GoGeek Plan customers are hosted separately, so there are fewer users sharing the resources of the server. This is a good plan for those who have e-commerce sites, as it can can accommodate a large product line. It comes with all of the features of the GrowBig Plan, and then some.

Some of the main features of the GoGeek Plan include:

  • Greater power when compared to other SiteGround plans
  • PCI Compliance, which ensures that all e-commerce sites meet regulations
  • One-click staging tools for Joomla and WordPress
  • 30 GB of web space

VPS Web Hosting Packages – Start at $60 USD Per Month

SiteGround also has VPS web hosting packages. These are best for those companies that require a lot of power, have a high volume of traffic, or who require servers that are not shared. There are four different tiers, from entry-level to enterprise, and users can choose the data centre they wish to use. The Entry and Business packages both come with 2 GB of RAM, the Business Plus package comes with 3 GB of RAM, and the Enterprise plan comes with 4 GB of RAM. All plans have a 5 TB bandwidth and the storage space ranges from 20 GB with the Entry package to 80 GB with the Enterprise package.

All of these plans come with managed WordPress hosting and comes with a free transfer and 1-Click Installation. SiteGround will auto-update WordPress, too, so the latest edition is always available.

Dedicated Hosting Packages – Start at $229 USD Per Month

With the dedicated hosting packages from SiteGround, customers can host their website on a dedicated machine and have it managed by experts. In addition, these customers receive proprietary software that boosts the server performance, and SiteGround offers more functional features than other web hosting companies to these customers.

There are three hosting options available for those who want to choose the dedicated hosting from SiteGround: Entry, Power and Enterprise. All of these packages offer a 5 TB bandwidth and are powered by Intel Xenon processors.

All of these packages come with an exclusive choice of stable and high performing machines, and they are all located in high-quality data centres. Customers choosing these packages receive full management of the server, including 24/7 monitoring and quick reactions should anything go wrong. SiteGround also offers 24/7 VIP support, which ensures priority with computer experts on the phone, through online chat and support tickets.

Why We Love SiteGround – The Pros of Using This Service for WordPress Hosting

We have tested many WordPress hosting companies, but SiteGround stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons.


SiteGround-UptimeThe company boasts that their uptime is 99.97%, which is better than the vast majority. We did our own tests on SiteGround, and for the 24 hours that we ran our test, there was 100% uptime, which is well over the industry standard uptime of 99.90%. We also received data from a 30-day test and had identical results.

SiteGround Is Our Winner

After 5 different tests SiteGround was our top performing WordPress hosting company with our ‘will it scale’ test securing the win. 

SiteGround Data Tests

We tested SiteGround in a number of tests including TTFB, Speed Index, Load time and a scaling test. Overall, SiteGround was our top performing WordPress hosting company. You can see the results for the test below.


SiteGround excels with their customer service, and they process more than 1500 service tickets, 800 phone calls and 2000 online service chats each day. According to independent reports, it only takes them about 11 seconds, on average, to connect during a live chat, and they report that they claim a first response to any service ticket within 10 minutes.

Free Add-Ons

SiteGround also offers a number of anti-spam tools such as SpamExperts and SpamAssassin. Additionally, they offer blocklists for certain IP addresses, hotlink protection and Leech Protect. Depending on the package a customer chooses, they also offer features such as free SSL, and customers can choose to add HackAlert Monitoring for only an extra $1 USD per month. This service checks each website every day, and notifies the customer if the site has been compromised.

E-Commerce One-Click Installation

It’s true that there are a number of amazing web hosts out there, but most of them do not make it this simple to set up e-commerce on a website. SiteGround works with e-commerce applications such as Magento, PrestaShop and CSCart. The company also provides billing options and shopping carts in cPanel.

Free Transfers

If a customer of SiteGround has a site that is hosted through another host, SiteGround will help to transfer the site for free.

Free Domain Names

SiteGround also offers a free domain name with any shared hosting plan. On top of that, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their hosting plans.

Signing Up for SiteGround

For those who want to sign up for SiteGround services, registration is easy and straightforward, and it only takes a couple of minutes to get the information sent to the company. Users simply choose to transfer or create a new domain, and then enter their details. Depending on the plan, some come with options including Daily Backup, Domain Privacy and HackAlert Monitoring.

Concluding the SiteGround Review

We have tested a number of web hosting companies that work well with WordPress, and SiteGround has found itself at the top of many review lists. The company works hard to offer outstanding customer service to its customers, and has put itself in the position of being the ideal choice for small businesses. Specifically, those who are sole proprietors, independent contractors, and mom-and-pop stores, who do not have fancy web design skills, will find many benefits to choosing SiteGround especially if they don’t want to pay a lot of money for features they will not use.

In addition, SiteGround has a number of excellent security features that cater to small businesses. For instance, small businesses are very vulnerable to attacks, and the odds that a small business owner will invest into a lot of security software are slim to none. When choosing SiteGround, however, small business owners can rest easy that they have a bit more security than if they went with other companies. Even as a small business grows, SiteGround has other options, such as their cloud hosting or dedicated hosting packages, which allow a website to grow along with the company.

Though SiteGround is not the only WordPress hosting company on the market, it is certainly one that people should look into if they are looking for exceptional speed, consistency and load time.

Indeed, finding the best WordPress hosting company is the guaranteed ways of launching your business website or blog and elevating it to the next tier of success. Make sure that you consider each of the above factors and consult other people who have set up WordPress websites and hosted them in the past to make an intelligent decision.

SiteGround Is Our Winner

After 5 different tests SiteGround was our top performing WordPress hosting company with our ‘will it scale’ test securing the win.