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While I have written a detailed Treehouse review I have had a few emails asking more details about the Treehouse Basic vs Pro packages. So I thought I would cover this in more detail so you have a better idea on the difference between the two. I’ve just renewed my subscription for the Pro membership for a second year now so I’ll go into detail on exactly what you get with the Pro membership.

In my previous review, I simply referenced this image below but let’s go into each of these to see how much better the Pro membership is.


Save $100

Get 4 Months Off Our Basic Annual Plan

Save $196

Get 4 Months Off Our Pro Annual Plan

If you’re considering pro membership Treehouse gives you the option of downgrading your account to basic. It will refund you the remaining charge from your pro account.

Basic membership

With the Sliver membership you’ll get access to an increasing library of videos and courses which now stands over 1000 videos. These courses cover a wide range of topics from simple website design expanding into more complex design. Learning programming languages such as Ruby, RoR, business information on how to start your own business as well as mobile development including the new ISO7 course.

You’ll also get access to the community forum if you get stuck along with access to the job board. I have covered these topics more in depth in my previous review. But lets see what’s in the Pro membership which I’ll go into more depth with.


Treehouse are now running an excellent program. When you sign up for a Pro membership, they will donate one to a public school student.

American Treehouse Students of six months or longer reported earning $10,000 more per year in comparison with new students. By providing them an account, you’re helping make this happen.


The Treehouse Pro membership covers everything in the basic membership but it also gives you access to much more content. Lets take a look at that content.



In July 2012 almost 800 marketers from around the globe converged in Seattle to experience amazing speakers leading the way in inbound marketing. Thanks to a collaboration with Moz we’re able to share the videos from MozCon 2012.

MozCon is a great addition to the Pro plan and it gives you all the information you’ll need on how to market your business online with advice from the professionals. You’ll have access to 30 videos with most being over 30 minutes long on various topics such as link building, SEO tips, SEO for E-commerce websites and much more.


The Treehouse Show

The Treehouse Show is your weekly dose of web design and web development news, hosted by Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer.

The Treehouse Show is a chance to keep up to date with the latest developments in various industries. Nick and Jason cover a wide range of topics while giving links to cool new tools which you can use to improve your development/design. There’s a lot of content here – 61 videos at the time of writing. But it’s a great chance to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and tools. The image below shows examples of some shows.


Here’s an example of the teaching style and the content:


Treehouse WorkShops

Treehouse Workshops provide in-depth explorations of specific topics in design, web and mobile development, and business.

The Treehouse WorkShops are a great place for more in depth information on topics. They currently  have 23 videos each being around 30mins -1 hour long.


As you can see these videos are very in depth and are a great way to further your knowledge about a particular topic.


You’ll also get additional resources with the video for extra research:

Related Links

Treehouse Quick Tips

Treehouse Quick Tips are fast and easy lessons that you can start applying now. Learn to create stunning designs in Photoshop, beautiful websites, and useful mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Quick Tips are a series of short videos aimed at giving you additional tips on various topics. These are great as they are short to the point and can help if you’re stuck on a particular subject or wish to up skill in a short amount of time.

Currently they have 69 videos which can answer additional questions when you start learning your skill.

Treehouse Friends

Treehouse Friends is a series of interviews with interesting people in the web design and dev fields and other industry experts.

These interviews are extremely helpful to learn more about your industry and what it’s like to work in tech. You’ll also learn the mistakes the pros have made and how you can avoid them. You’ll also be given good information regarding trends in the industry along with how to succeed in the industry along with what future employees look for.

Exercise Your Creative

How do you practice creativity? In the Exercise Your Creative series, Mat gives us some insight by taking us through his creative process.

With the current boom in learning to code more and more people will be job ready year after year. It’s those people who are creative and can set their projects apart from the rest that are going to get the jobs. In Treehouse’s exercise your creative you’ll learn how to make your projects more creative.

This is an example of a lesson within this course. A nice way for extra tips to add more creativity to your work flow.


Welcome to Treeviews, the show where Treehouse members submit their work – website, app, or other project – and a panel of Treehouse teachers offers feedback.


In the Treeviews section of the bonus content you’ll have the chance to get your work analyzed by Treehouse staff. This is a great chance to get critical on your work so you can improve it.

In the Wild

Join Allison as she explores the web industry through interviews with web professionals. This is In the Wild.

I’m not too sure on Treehouse’s future for this bonus content. Currently there is only 1 video here and it hasn’t been updated in awhile. It wouldn’t surprise me if Treehouse deleted this In the Wild feature.

Treehouse Teacher Q&A

In this series, the Treehouse teaching team answers your questions about web design, web development, and anything else you’re interested in knowing.

The Q&A gives you a great chance to ask your burning questions to the staff of Treehouse. This offers you a great way to get expert advice while on the Pro plan.


Web Design Q&A with Nick

In this series, Nick Pettit answers your questions about web design, web development, and anything else you’re interested in knowing.

Similar to the Q&A above you can ask the Treehouse staff questions about web design.

Code Racer

Learn how we built Code Racer, which is a real-time multiplayer game where people learn how to create a basic HTML web page while competing with others.

Code Racer is a great way to see how a team would plan and start the development of an app. This is a great way to see the inside workings of a project which will be useful in the future when you’re employed.


Here’s an example of the course:


Design and Development

Learn how a designer and developer can effectively collaborate to build a web app.

In the design and development you’ll gain even more tips and extras on how to collaborate on a web app. Treehouse covers what you need to know like the example below showing you how to use Git.



HTML5 Mobile Web Applications

Learn how to build a mobile HTML5 web app that will work across multiple devices, from start to finish using canvas, localStorage and video.

HTML5 is going to be huge and Treehouse has you covered. In this in depth course Treehouse will walk you through the complete development of an HTML5 web app. Along the way you’ll learn what it takes to set it up and get it live.

As with all courses on Treehouse, you’ll find their content going slow so you understand with references to other tools and websites to further your knowledge.

Mockups for Responsive Design

Learn how to wireframe and design websites that work across multiple devices and screen resolutions. We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to create low fidelity and high fidelity mockups for responsive designs.

Responsive design is a must for websites these days considering the number of users using a variety of different devices from iPhones to iPads etc. In this course you’ll learn how to professionally create a mockup for your responsive design.

As you can see you’ll also learn how to create these mockups in Photoshop meaning you’ll create a more professional design for your app, website. It’s a great way to show clients or even add another skill onto your list when looking for work.


Media Queries

In this Master Class Series, we’ll prepare our project and write all the media queries and CSS we need to make our layout respond. Then we will test our layout across a few browsers.

Fluid Grids

Learn how to create fluid grid layouts using percentage based widths. We’ll go over everything you need to know to extract fluid grid calculations from high fidelity mockups.

For those who want to learn design then fluid grids will interest you. Treehouse offers an excellent course in detail to make your a professional at fluid grids.

This is a screenshot of the video within fluid grids.


CSS3 Master Class

Learn how to build a real-world site using everything from Border Radius, Border Image, Box Shadow, Linear and Radial Gradients and more.


Similar to HTML5 – CSS3 is going to be huge for the web. In this course you’ll further your CSS3 skills learning the new features and how to use them.

As you can see there’s a huge advantage for a Pro membership, you’ll get access to a huge number of extra videos and content meaning for the more serious of you you’ll quickly apply the extra information to your own projects helping separate you from the crowd and the chance to up skill for future employers.

Save $100

Get 4 Months Off Our Basic Annual Plan

Save $196

Get 4 Months Off Our Pro Annual Plan